So heres essay on diabetes that i did for school so i thought i would share it with every one

What really goes on in a Diabetics life?

           So do you really think you know all that there is to know about diabetes? Do you really? Well, read this, and then think about it.

           Hello fellow diabetic’s and none diabetic’s. I am going to be telling you about my life with diabetes and what happens in my life. I will also be telling you how get it, what is needed to control diabetes, what to look for, how many people have and how many have died from diabetes? I had three of the six symptoms, which were frequent trips to the bath room, unquenchable thirst, losing weight. But there also weakness and fatigue, blurred vision, frequent infections on cuts and bruises. But I went to the doc’s and the doc told me two places I could go Todd’s or Akron. We went to Todd’s.  Which brought me to the next question how do you get diabetes. 

          I didn’t really know how I got it but I learned how. Diabetes is caused by an autoimmune disorder a problem with the body’s immune system. In a healthy body specialized cells (called beta cells) in the pancreas to make insulin? Insulin is a hormone that allows the body to use energy from food. In type one diabetic’s the immune system mistakes beta cells for invaders and attacks them. When enough beta cells are destroyed, symptoms of diabetes will start to appear.

      So then what kind of things do you need to take care of yourself when you have diabetes?

Test kits, (meters, lancets), insulin, needles, or an insulin pump. You need an emergency glucagon kit. You need glucose tabs for when you go low or juice and snakes for when you go low. I use juice and snakes for lows but now I use glucose tabs for lows. Glucagon kit for when you go in to a coma. You need to have a test kit with a meter and lancets so you can check your blood sugar.

      So do you know how many people have diabetes and died from it? 23.6 million People in the USA who have been diagnosed with diabetes this comes from About 6 million more know they have it but are unaware of it also comes from  2.9 million Deaths per year are attributable to diabetes that comes from But I hope not to be one of those to die from diabetes. But on my dada side some one that had diabetes did pass away from diabetes. ‘’Every 10 seconds 2 people are diagnosed with diabetes’’ I have heard this and I believe this to be true 100%.

        So this comes to my conclusion do u really know what there is to know all about diabetes after reading my essay. WELL DO YOU HA THAT’S WHAT I THOUGHT YOU HAD NO IDEA ABOUT DABETES AT ALL UNTILL YOU READ THIS. I have been living with diabetes sins Sept 11, 02 and I know a lot more about diabetes than Nick Jones knows when he was diagnosed. People tell me hey you can’t eat that or hey you can’t do that because you have diabetes. All I say is hey I my have diabetes but nothing WILL NEVER STANDE IN MY WAY. So what I am trying to say to you fellow diabetics don’t let things stand in the way just because of diabetes get out there. Have fun ok do what you want to do don’t let people put you down stand up let your self be heard don’t stand back step forward to be heard get up and speak out let your self be heard by others. Say it I HAVE DIABETES AND NOTHING I MEEN NOTHING WILL STAND IN MY WAY NOTHING.

Casey I agree with what u are saying People all ways tell me that i cant do this or that BUT I say i will not let NOTHING STAND IN THE WAY OF ME HAVEING A GOOD TIME.

thats good

Verrry Nice! I like it. nd i agree i dnt let anything stand in my way of having a good time! plz dnt get mad at me but u had some spelling errors lol

Awesome Keith! Here is to a health life!! 8{ _}

I'll be 3 years next February! so I guess we're kinda close in dates.

Three guys are just babies!!