New to type 1 diabetes

im 21 years old and was diagnosed with type 1 diabetes 29 days ago, This has bin a huge shock to the system and has left me pissed!! Asking myself why has this happened to me, What has caused this? Is it something i've done? (or haven't done?). How am i going to live a normal life (like everyone keeps telling me) when i have to inject 4 times a day!

I've got loads of questions if anyone can help but i wanna hear from people who have bin newly diagnosed aswell, How your dealing with the new change to your lifestyle and how you cope

nice one guys


i am not newly diagnosed, but just want to tell you welcome to juvenation :o)

thanks :) bin doing alot of searching for sites like this, for people who are like me in the same situation.

how long have you bin type 1? if u dont mind me asking

i've been diabetic for 20 years. it's definitely a life changing event, but i have always lived my life normally - like every other person out there. every one has their own daily routine, whether diabetic or not, my daily routine just happens to include blood testing and insulin pumping :o)

diabetes might seem scary now, but don't let it stop you from doing something you want to do. there's no reason to let it hold you back! after a while, your d-routine will become natural to you, and you won't think about it as much. for the most part, you can return to the life you had before. maybe not immediately, but you will get there :o)

everyone here is rooting for you! we want to help you, and want to see you succeed in your new d-life. let us know how we can help you :o)

It's normal to be Pissed off, overwhelmed, sad, angry, depressed, frustrated.  It's NOT YOUR FAULT, you didn't to anything wrong to create this.  Your immune system has been reprogrammed and it's attacking your beta cells (the cells that make insulin). There isn't any way at this point the scientifc world to stop it.

You can live a normal life with injecting yourself 4 times a day. It's not easy to have diabetes but you can do it.  LIVE YOUR LIFE with diabetes. Don't let Diabetes rule your life.

1) First thing, I would do it find an endocrinologist that manages diabetes. Most primary care doctors don't have clue with managing Type 1 diabetes.

  2) Contact a Diabetes Educator ASAP- (this will help you find one in your area) 

The local American Diabetes Association and/or JDRF chapter can help tremdously with local support groups.

 3) if you have health insurance contact them regarding your DME benefits. Durable Medical Equipment benefits. This can be very helpful getting your testing supplies, syrings/pen needles and in the future insulin pump coverage.

4) Get a good book on Type 1 Diabetes- is a good place to get books from. You can also look on in the used book section for Type 1 Diabetes books- cheaply.

I"m not newly diagnosed Type 1, but working on it for the last 25 years. So far no complications. (knock on wood)

You can do it, don't let diabetes take over, be in control

I was diagnosed 4 years ago at 17 but I've only recently started acknowledging it. I think talking to other people with it really helps. I used to not know anyone with it and I felt so alone and I didn't think I should have to deal with it when no one else has to. It really really helps to have friends and family who understand. My old friends didn't care that I didn't take care of myself. Most people don't know much about it and they don't know how serious it is. I didn't even realize right away how serious it was and I was probably in denial for a long time. I am usually optimistic tho and I like to think of the better sides. It might seem wrong but I like to use it to my advantage sometimes. Like to get my way. lol. Like if I don't want to do something I just say I'm feeling a little high or if I'm tired of something I say I feel low and need to stop and eat. The way I see it is I deserve to use it to my advantage when it's always such a disadvantage to me.  I think you can have a somewhat normal life (I think eventually it kinda becomes normal) but I like being different. It's a kind of life no one else understands. Not just what you have to do, or even what you have, but your state of mind too and the way you look at life. A lot of people actually instantly respect me when they learn I have it. And there are so many people with type 2 that will feel like they have something in common with you even tho it's a lot different. I'm almost proud in a way, not because I have it, but because I have a really difficult responsibility that most people don't have to worry about. That's how I like to look at it anyway, in an optimistic way. Also, I had a problem with the whole honeymoon thing a month or so after I was diagnosed. The doctors re-diagnosed me with type 2 diabetes! Shouldn't they know about the whole honeymoon thing? They put me on pills and I had horrible blood sugars for a couple of months. So beware of stupid doctors and do a lot of research.  I think it's good that you're reaching out. Continue to do so! Good luck! :)

WELCOME to the club.  This site will benefit you greatly on your journey ahead. 

Just like some of the others, I'm not newly diagnosed (11years).  I've gone through phases of taking great care of myself and phases of complete denial.  Your doctor can help you with your insulin dose, but we can help you with the rest : )


hi ya im 21 as well and that makes me so mad wen people say try and live a normal life its not like were aliens but i no were ur coming from iv had this sence i was 12 and its just got worse but im living with it and u need to find out as much as u can coz iv had no help but with help and the injection ul be fine it wont feel like it straight away but u will i av to do aload of injections to i have to do at lest 5 a day but it keeps us well wish u well x

If people consider taking daily multiple injections and having the check your blood sugar multiple times a day normal, then you can live a normal life.  I hate to say this, but your life won't be normal!  Your life can be healthy, but it takes a lot of focus and determination to eat right, exercise, and take your insulin!  I am not newly diagnosed.  I have had Type 1 for 25 years.  Diabetes has been a struggle for me.  But you need to remember to take one day at a time!  Getting the right endocrinologist is the first step.  There have been many advancements in diabetes!  I wore an insulin pump but had to stop using it because my body rejected it.  It was AWESOME while it worked......consider a pump! 

Having a support system has really helped me.  My  husband is my greatest support! 

Welcome to Juvenation!  You can find all kinds of help and support here!  Keep you chin up!

hey Dan,  I have 32 years with this lovely condition, diagnosed at 12.

so what's normal anyway.  I know a lot of people who aren't "normal" =)

management of t1 is difficult but not impossible, and while it doesn't really get easier... it becomes routine. 

if you have questions just ask - no need to wait around.

welcome to Juv.  cheers.

Welcome!!! New???  Close less than two years and did it at 52. LOL  Not going too lie, life is going to change. Keep positive and keep saying "I am not a dart board", just kidding!!! Twisted sense of humor. Sorry for the dx.. Again Welcome there are great people here and I see you have meet a few. Oh, as far as dealing I am not doing bad, mind you there are still days where I cuss out my meter and diabetes.LOL I  think doing math before I eat is a major pain. It does get better, but got to be impressed with the people dx'ed as children and teenager. At least I am!!!!!  It does feel kind of funny when I get help from the young ones with so much experience and me being in my fifty's. Ask anything you need there will be help!!!!

Hey there! I was diagnosed when I was 11 and I am now 21. When I was first diagnosed I was so great about taking care of myself because I was so scared of ever having to go back to the hospital. Then, when I was about 13 I decided to go into complete denial. That stage lasted up until I was about 18 and in that time life was not good. I have been hospitalized for DKA twice and had some really rough times. Now, I am on the pump and doing better than ever. I check my sugar anywhere from 6-10 times a day, exercise and TRY to maintain a healthy diet. I also live the life of a normal college student, I spend time with my friends and even drink occasionally. The number one thing I can say to you is as much as you do not want to and as annoying as it can be gain control of your diabetes and practice good habits. If you do not then your life will really become difficult. Anytime you need to vent come to the site because we are all here to listen and we all understand. Remember, you are not alone.

I was dx at 24.  I just turned 64.  Is it easy?  No.  Can you do it? YES. Get a pump. Get a good endo that knows the pump. EDUCATE yourself. You need to know it all. This site is a great place to start. I have no major malfunctions. Just a couple of small ones that could also be due to my age. I have non-diabetic  friends with more health issues than I have.  Hang in there!  LIR

Hello, Danstar89,

I am a diabetes education with Type 2 diabetes and I completely understand ALL of your feelings and questions.  Believe it or not, you can live a wonderful life with diabetes with the proper education and treatment.  There are SO many more treatment options now for diabetes to prevent the complications.

Since you are newly diagnosed, may I suggest you look into a clinical trial specifically designed for newly diagnosed Type 1 diabetics?  You can go to; call 1-877-281-6463; or email  The study is called DEFEND2 and it is designed to preserve beta cell function thus lowering insulin requirements.  Just check it out and see what you think.

Hey Danstar, welcome to the site! This change is going to probably take a while to get used to, but we're all here if you need help or have questions! It's a lot of info to take in at the beginning: doses, needles, food, etc etc but you can do it!

Trust me, if I can go my whole life taking 5+ needles a day while living a normal life, you can do. It's true there are some things that we have to deal with differently than "normal" people, but there's no reason you can't live a happy, healthy, normal life! Everyone has something in their life they need to deal with, whether it's behind closed doors or common knowledge to those around them, this is just ours.

In regards to LIR telling you to get a pump..honestly, that should be a personal choice you make yourself. I've been on shots for 16years(dx at age 6) and tried the new Animas Ping for 3months recently, found I wasn't for me so I went back to shots. Take a look at the pump, if you have that option available to you via insurance, talk to your endo, maybe do a saline trial to see what it'll be like and then a 3month insulin trial..but in the end make that choice YOURSELF. If you don't want to at this time or even ever, don't let your endo or any of us on this site force you into it.


Welcome aboard! I was diagnosed in my 20's also (at age 26).  No one can blame you for being pissed off and for wondering what life will be like now.  Like anything, it takes time to adjust to.  I really recommend reading the thread "What did you wish you did within the 1st year of your diagnosis" if you haven't already.  People are giving some really great advice for how to cope and adjust. 

You're still normal, there's just a new standard of normal for you!  (You'll always be normal to all of us here on Juvenation)  In time, if you stay determined to maintain good care while still living your life, I hope that you will find that diabetes doesn't keep you from doing all the things you want to - it just adds extra steps and different layers to every situation.  That's how I've tried to look at it.

Hi Danstar89!

I am also 21 years old and a newly diagnosed type 1 diabetic. I found out this past January. It has been a rough four months. Being in college and dealing with diabetes is also tough. Feel free to read my story of being diagnosed on my profile. I am absolutely here to chat diabetes if you're ever in need.

I think that I initially felt bad for myself, then I felt angry, then I was stressed out, and finally I am starting to wrap my head around it. It's a whole lifestyle change.

Best of luck,


Hey Danstar, I was actually just recently diagnosed this past August at 26 years old.  It was quite a shock for me and I was quite upset about it.  However, I have been very lucky because my husband is also a type 1 diabetic and has helped me soooo much these past few months.  It was so difficult adjusting to injecting myself, counting carbs and figuring everything out those first few months but having my husband there to help made it much easier.  If you ever need adivice or just want to vent feel free to contact me.  It is really tough at first but before you know it, it will become a part of your daily routine.  Don't get me wrong, you'll still have some really rough days where you just want to give up but it won't seem as overwhelming. 


Sorry to hear the rough time!  It is a lot to take in and and the best advice I can give (23 years of diabetes) is to be honest with people about how you are doing.  It helps to plug into a network like this also.  As far as living a normal life- well, honestly who does?  This is a major adjustment, but with planning and being proactive you can do most of what you would like to do in life.  It just involves some prioritizing and creativity.