I have T1D for a year now. In trying to get regulated, I know I still struggle with snacking and “sweet tooth” cravings from time to time. Any healthier alternatives to snacking that won’t spike my levels?

Try cutting out the sweets. It is very very hard, but worth it. Once you cut them out you don’t crave them so much. A good swap: VERY dark chocolate for milk chocolate. And by very dark, I am talking 90 percent cacao chocolate, not the stuff that is 60-70 percent. World Market sells a 99 percent dark chocolate bar that is delicious. An acquired taste, but again, once you acquire the taste ‘milk chocolate’ will gag you. If you bake or like baked goods, don’t go down that road too often. But use nut flours, coconut, and stevia or ethyritrol based sweetener or dark chocolate. Lots of butter makes up for loss of the sweeteners too!

Try cutting out snacking altogether. Again, easier said than done if you are a snacker. Chew sugar free gum, drink water or some other beverage if you start wanting a snack. Go for a walk, Distriction. Once you do cut snacks you don’t want them so much. A good option if you cannot cut, however: Nuts. Lower carb nuts per serving are pecans and Brazil nuts, but almonds work too. Other snack options are beef and cheese sticks, jerky, pork rinds and cracklin’s, deviled eggs, and cheese ‘crackers’ (baked cheese slices with a dusting of seasoning on top), raw veggies.

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Awesome! These are great starts for me. But totally easier said than done. If you know of any sites that have recipes of making health snacks, please share. The ones I run across truly are not healthy or not geared for T1D.

Lots of low-carb baking recipes here:

Thanks @bunchofpants! I will definitely try these. :slight_smile: