Sleep Please!

Hi ladies!!

Im currently 24.5 weeks pregnant and i feel great except one thing......... "I cant get comfortable at night!!!!" My hips literally fall asleep when i lay on my sides. I really try to only sleep on my sides at night, but sometimes there is a point where they burn and hurt just something fierce!!!! I know ur not supose to sleep on ur back,but sometimes i just have to for a couple of hrs to get some sleep and releif. I prop up a bunch of pillows so im not completley flat on my back and that seems to help! I have even tried putting a pillow between my legs and that seemed to make my pain worse. Worse to the point that my pain radiates down the side of my thighs to my knees!!  Does anyone have any other recommendations for sleep and trying to get comfy!!

   I have talked to several doctors and have read several articles and most if not all have said that it is fine to sleep on your back. I had been getting leg cramps in my upper thighs so many times I had to jump up in the middle of the  night to take a hot bath and I had to use a heating pad. The doctor recommended taking 2-3 Tums tablets because the problem has something to do with calcium and each tablet has 750 milligrams of calcium. It is perfectly safe during pregnancy. It did help a ton! I have not woken up because of that. I asked my mom if she slept on her side while pregnant with me and my brother and she said, "no". I am a high school teacher with an MEd. I hope that you can get some sleep!

Hi Brittany,

The snoogle pillow is a great way to avoid having to adjust pillows all night, but one other things I would suggest is stretching morning and night to relax you rmuscles. Also, you should check with your doctor to make sure it's not nerve pain or sciatica which is pretty common in pregnancy.

Either way, you could also consider seeing  a chiropractor or massage therapist for preventative therapy. I used one in my first pregnancy and it helped a great amount. This pregnancy I don't have coverage for my preferred dr so I'm doing yoga and exercising instead.

I hope this helps you somewhat. Sleep is so important for both of you!