Sleep Deprivation

Hey everyone,

Just wondering, what affect sleep deprivation has on everyone’s levels throughout the following day?

With an 8 month old little fella sometimes sleep is not an easy thing (i.e. last tired!).

Anyway I made the mistake early, (or was it a strategic move on my wifes part!) to become good at putting the little man back to sleep. He had been sleeping ok and was just starting to sleep through but has gone back a few steps and was up basically all night and last night was a shocker.

I will be watching my levels closely today to see what happens but I did notice this morning that I woke (from what little sleep there was) and my levels were still 7.7/138.6, so I guess the dawn effect still kicked in?

Anyone experiences with sleep deprivation would be interesting.




I typically run higher sugar levels, I suppose due to stress and eating more (especially more bad for you foods).  I also become more likely to forget insulin doses.  Rarely, I will overcorrect for being tired and cause a bad low.

Well for me as a college student the only "problems" I notice are the night that i'm staying up.

For example if I'm up studying or writing a paper until 2 or 3AM I always have a low sugar during that period because my basal rate is set for me sleeping and being immobile, however, when I'm still awake I end up going low. So I know that I need to eat something if I plan on being up later or decrease my basal rate.

I have yet to notice anything different the day after, however, I'll have to keep an eye on it because perhaps it can explain some unexpected highs or lows that I never could explain.

When i get little to no sleep i experience very high blood sugars.. not good!

Our little guy didn't sleep until he was 14 months old, when we desperately paid a sleep consultant $1000 to "fix" him. But, I didn't find it affected my sugars when I wasn't sleeping, except I was def. more likely to make mistakes w/ doses when I was so tired.  Also, for me, nursing our son was the best thing that ever happened to my a1c b/c it kept my sugars waaaay down. Sadly, that won't help you. (:

P.S. I also talked my husband into thinking his assistance was vital in the middle of the night and that I would be totally useless. It was a great plan except for him being so grumpy all the time. (:

I notice that on nights of little sleep I run pretty low the entire next day. Apparently I am odd compared to everyone else that has responded here.

Thanks everyone for your responses.

So far I have been a bit higher than usual but no real difference.

It will be hard to tell today anyway, as it is a hot day in Sydney and it is also the Melbourne Cup race day so it is mandatory to go out for a big lunch and I am sure my levels will suffer.

I really think my wife has tricked me, she said it is harder for her to put our little fella down because he can smell her milk and wakes up. She is probably getting me back for me not being good at She is my biggest support though and she does heaps so I don't mind getting up as long as it isn't all night every night or I might fall asleep at my desk. 

No sleep = higher BG, every time!

I have been known to pull an all night-er now and then and haven't noticed that no sleep alone raises my sugars.

If I stay up much later, I will hate myself tomorrow. I will say that T1 robs me of sleep on a regular basis. I do notice that my levels are strange, especially around 4:00-9:00 a,m. My doctor said that this could be due to higher levels of cortisol in the morning, causing slightly more insulin to be needed...

I mostly feel slightly insane when I lack enough sleep.

Like Melissa, if I'm up late doing homework or whatever, then I'll usually drop low at least once before I go to bed. Then I sometimes wake up in the middle of the night with a low, or I am low in the morning. My blood sugars usually level out by the middle of the next day, though.

i used to have really bad insomnia (as in going to bed at 4 am every night) and during that time, my sugars were crazy. i'd either wake up really low, or really high. now that i'm sleeping at semi-normal hours, my sugars are constant in the morning.