Simple App for carb content of foods for android

Does anyone know of a simple easy to use app (preferably free to download for android)
that gives the carb content of foods.
Have been a Type1 for 3 years now and have stayed away from eating out in restaurants
and quick food places.
I pack everything from home and know the carb content of everything I eat.
I am wanting to VENTURE out into the real world again and maybe try something as
a treat !!! Butttttt I have no idea about what I will be ingesting !!!

hi @kc6uus,

i have always used a hard copy of the “Calorie King” because they maintain a pretty big database of food, including some restaurant foods and even fast food. I see they have one for iOS but I don’t use it. I bet they have an android app, good luck

Hi @kc6uus,

I also find Calorie Kin very helpful for both home cooking and restaurant eating. For years I’ve had the compact hard copy and I also access its data base on-line. The online is available from any type device with a search engine and the restaurant information is kept up to date.

The restaurant information, quite naturally, is available only for larger multi location business that cook / prepare meals following a consistent script; a local stand-alone food place could not be accommodated.

DENNIS and JOE: THANK-YOU very much for the info. I LIKE the idea of a hard copy of such a thing.
I only have a cell phone STRICTLY for emergency use. Like the good old fashion phone or a
amateur radio !!! AGAIN THANKS

MyFitnessPal does fairly well with the nutrition info for restaurants. Its free, easy, and available on android. You just search for the restaurant and you get the full list of the menu.

I like diabetes:m
You can do blood sugar entries. Med entries. Calculations… Still discovering more about it.
If you click on calculations, there is a symbol of a plate with fork that links to different food databases with carb content. I think some you have to pay for subscription.