Sick days

My son is 12 and T1D. He has a sinus infection and his pediatrician recommended honey every night (um no). Does anyone have recommendations on Oct meds? He cannot take anything with tylenol.

@Jeanteent1d hi Jeannie. I put honey in my tea and bolus for it and it’s fine. It will do nothing for an infection though. Good for sore throat/coughing.

steam, like a hot shower or something like that, works pretty good for opening sinus congestion.

vicks doesn’t seem to help me but the smell makes it seem better somehow.

I am sorry I don’t know what you mean by “Oct meds”?

Motrin can reduce pain and swelling (including sinus swelling) and lasts up to 8 hours.

good luck hope he feels better.

She most likely meant OTC (over the counter)

I would also use steam shower or a nasal rinse to help clear the mucus.
Last time I had a sinus infection, ( along with the antibiotics) the ENT ordered a saline solution spray.