Severe Leg Pains

My son became T1D about 6 years ago (now 21) he has not look after his sugars well. In the past 4 weeks he has had severe pain in his legs (like intense sunburn) as well as it feels like nails are being hammered into his knees and his ankles. The pain is so intense that he can hardly walk sometimes. Lots of hospital visits and tests have not revealed anything. Has anybody else experienced similar pain to this and know what it is?

hi @dsjrichards David,

wow sorry to hear that sounds awful. in my unqualified opinion, if no one found anything physical then a good neurologist might be the next choice. Neuropathy is a complication of diabetes and can cause leg and feet pain - most people feel burning or “ants”. Sometimes these symptoms can be minimized with glucose control, sometimes they cannot. good luck I hope your son finds relief.