Senior Research Project

Hey guys!

I'm a senior and in a Biomedical Innovations class. I'm doing a research project to present at IUPUI in Indianapolis in the spring and need your guys' help!

I know that we all have different foods that really send our sugars skyrocketing no matter how much insulin we give. So what food is it that does that to your sugar? I'm going to gather up a few foods that seem to come up the most and look into what ingredient(s) those foods have in common to see if that's where the problem is.

Thanks in advance!


For me it's baked potatoes, pizza and Progresso brand soups.  They always take crazy amounts of insulin, way more than the carb count would indicate.

thanks! I’ve heard pizza really messes with a lot of people. Cereal really screws mine up.

just about anything high both in carbs and fat will be difficult to control with injected insulin.  look for the obvious:  hot dogs (with bun), ice cream, pizza, and just about everything served in restaurants, but especially those items that have some kind of sauce; from general tso chicken to ribs w/bbq sauce.  

for me, anything high in carbs only (for example cereals)  can be tamed by just taking fast acting insulin early (before I eat it).  it's the mixed meals that take the strategy, finesse and a "dual wave" bolus in order to even try to control it.  cheers and good luck.