Screaming.... Want to that is

Yes I back to vent need to, 13 yr old now just 14 step daughter 1 yr plus t1d… Been over 200 since morning and over 300 since 's 2 and now 405… I know from cgm, dad says mom changed insides and etc but still rising. They not taking to hospital!#! Am I wrong to be worried?

One thing to remember is CGM is not always accurate. If she is still rising after infusion set change then she should correct with a syringe or pen to come down. I took my 16 yo to the hospital once for being over 500 for 4 hours and they of course admitted him. Then he had to get an IV, constant monitoring, ketones, etc. Needless to say he was not pleased with any of it. Not sure what her clinic says about going to the hospital. If ketones are present she should be monitored closely. sometimes it just takes a while to respond or maybe she is stressed or starting to get sick. All of those things can attribute to highs.

Yes she coming down with flu think… But still worried above 395 still and they haven’t checked keystones either. Common sense tells me not right but thank you I just needed to scream to high to long and my hands tied. Parent not putting child first and dad not want hassle…mother with issues but kid a yoyo.

You have reason to be concerned, and as was mentioned it may be flu - or some other infection or illness. You could very easily check her urine ketones with a dipstick [Ketostick is a brand] that are readily available in most drugstores.

If she is running constantly high for several hours, her pump could be adjusted to a temporary basal above 100% - call her doctor or medical advisor. Too late for this event, but I’d strongly advise you to obtain written “Sick Day” instructions from her diabetes care team and make a couple of copies so that you always have one at hand.

Thanks again dennis, she got down to 106 at 2 am finally but now at 168, her mother tx us keystones tested and ok at 1, think should have been done kettle earlier, the high numbers been since 2 so almost like 8 hrs later I just needed too scream bc of how over a year and bs still allowed to let yoyo so much. Always letting get up in 300’s then to 80. Now beleve getting sick and in 400 range more then 4 hrs, and no big deal attitude from mom and checking keystones. A little to lazy on concern makes us more irritated. Thanks again

Well saga goes on… So her mom got it down at 1 a.m. and says bc of getting flu. So she sends her to school, she was in the 110 range but at 9 a.m. she was at 270 then down hrs later then by 3 p.m. she up to 275 and by 430 she then shot down to 60… This is the yoyo and on top of let go to school??? UGh so upset and do not get why social worker and her Dr at mitts u of m isn’t seeing that there might be issue or even asking to see dad… Yea but he in denial of nothing wrong and the mother doesn’t tell all. So options anyone or is it not as bad as think and it is going to take major problem 4 someone to c… Am I over thinking. Or is it more serious or can be?
Thank you all for allowing me this outlet.
I have been notified of a jdrf coffee, I going to go and search out info

Well again story changes… This why I am waiting for her to end back in hospital. Now she told her grandma that her mom had put it in(pump site) Wrong so that she wasn’t getting proper insulin and when changed she again then stepdaughter says mis figured carbs and administered wrong amounts of insulin. This is why we are screaming. Social worker says no proof of intent or neglect. We just wait I guess for her to destroy her own daughter. I would think endo Dr be more on top of but mother good at excuses.
So today s he missed school been from 200 to start day and at 380 again for 3 hrs and now down to 220. Once again question…isn’t this what can be harming her organs and eyes and circulation and etc…yoyo extended time? She already been comp.aiming eyes hard at time 2 see and feet always cold.

I totally get the frustration, but wanted to try to make you feel a little better. Days like this happen. I’ve been diabetic for almost 24 years now and they suck, but they happen. When you are sick it’s a constant yo yo effect, the blood sugars make you feel worse than the illness a lot of the time. I’ve had more days than I can count where I’ve done exactly what she did, and I don’t have any complications.She is only a year into this, I’m still learning after 24 years. Things change constantly, not only with technology we have available, but our bodies. What works for a few months, might all of a sudden stop working, especially for someone her age who is probably still in puberty. Heck, the monthly womanly cycle can affect sugars from week to week.

If she is yo yoing every day when she’s healthy, taking insulin a longer amount of time before eating can help, but I know from experience this is hard to do, especially in middle/high school. Normally sugars shoot up after eating and then you can end up dropping too low after you correct for the high. It’s all a balancing act of taking insulin at the right time, and in the right amount (which will change over time as well).

You were really worried about ketones. To be honest, I don’t have ketone strips at my house. To me, you aren’t going to treat the high any differently, and you should be drinking plenty of water regardless, whenever you are high, so the test is just extra information. The doctors asked about the sticks once if we needed them and my dad replied “we just assume she has ketones if she’s high and go from there.” It worked for us then, it works for me now that I live on my own, it’s up to you and her how you want to handle it. Obviously, peeing on a stick isn’t a big deal.

Finally…I worry more about the A1C than the daily sugars. Some days are going to suck always. No matter how hard anyone tries to control it, there will be days you just can’t get that number down. If she is missing a lot of school because her sugars are always high, then talk to the doctor about changing her basal rates. If it’s just when she’s sick, get a sick plan like Dennis said, and just grin and bear it. In the long run, those couple of days aren’t going to kill her, her kidneys or her eyes. The bad side effects of diabetes happen after years of bad control. My control is far from perfect, you just do the best you can. She’s lucky she has parents that care. That are willing to fight for her, that are willing to get up in the middle of the night to deal with it. I did clinicals in a pediatric diabetes clinic and you wouldn’t believe the parents that were fine letting their kids skip all insulin for a day, or never test blood sugar levels. Some patients aren’t even able to have their A1C tested because their number is so high the equipment can’t test it.