Science Topic

Hey y’all!
I’m involved in an advanced science program at my school, in which each student picks a different research topic and spends the semester working on a project about that topic. We’ve got a super advanced lab with lots of amazing equipment, so the possibilities are basically limitless.
I’d like to do my project on something related to T1D, but it’s surprisingly difficult to think of exactly what I should research. I have several months to complete the project, but only a few weeks to decide… aaah!
Has anyone here ever done or wanted to do a science project relating to T1D? Does anyone have any topic ideas? Your advice would be greatly appreciated. (I’ll be posting this in several different forums in the hopes of getting some responses, so don’t get mad at me if it feels like I’m spamming y’all with this message. I’m kinda desperate for ideas.)
Thanks so much in advance! :slight_smile: