Rugby with Diabetes

So I've been playing rugby since I was in high school, but stopped in college since we didn't have a team and I got recruited to play football anyway...also was diagnosed with Diabetes in college which made it all the more fun.

My query to any other diabetic ruggers or friends/girlfriends/boyfriends/relatives of them is this: What is there that can be done to keep blood sugar in check during matches? I'm able to check my sugar during practice since it's start/stop a lot of the time. I can't just give myself a shot during matches since they last 80 minutes and I'm on the pump anyway so during those 80 minutes, I have no basal (Lantus equivalent). None of it is consistent either. Sometimes my sugar will crash during practice/matches...other times, I'll test after reconnecting and my number will be in the mid to high 300's. It's impossible to play with the pump on...almost as impossible to keep the site from getting ripped off as well.

Does anyone else have a similar issue or suggestion? Just throwing it out there.

guess i'm the only diabetic rugger...anyway, first match of the Spring is tomorrow against Raleigh. let's see how the glucose does!