Remember to do things

does everyone always remember to measure their blood sugar level? how often do you forget to take your insulin when you hang out?

I find that I often have to be reminded to check my blood sugar levels, and it’s hard to remember to dose when I’m hanging out with friends, mostly because I don’t want to have to shoot myself in front of them or miss out on the fun when I go off to take my insulin.

No one remembers 100% of the time! :wink: That said, it’s important to keep the forgotten checks to a minimum. I find it helps to set reminders on my phone. My friends also know that I have to take insulin whenever I eat, so sometimes when we go out to lunch or dinner they’ll remind me-- “Hey, don’t forget to do your shot”, etc. If your friends don’t know, make sure you tell them; you’ll be shocked by how supportive they’ll be! :smiley: