Reluctant tweens and diabetes

I am very frustrated mom with two children with type 1 diabetes. One child is very responsible and the other is not. Does anyone have any wonderful ideas as far as getting her to be more proactive with her diabetes?? We have done Camp Carolina Trails (run by the ADA). She is on a pump but half the time forgets to give insulin...never changes her set unless she is prompted and then the attitude flairs. My husband and I are very worried about her.

I totally get the attitude issue. I get it all the time. You might try going back to the MDI for a little while. I seem to have more control over when he gives insulin and making sure he gets it when he should. My sons endo also recommended a psycologist that specializes in diabetes. He said they are great motivators and can help with a change of attitude. Im going to make an appointment for my son. I'm willing to try anything at this point.