Question on Meter

My daughter who was dx May of this year is starting to have some issues with her BG monitoring.  We will test her and, for example, it will be 80 and then retest 5 minutes later and it will be 285.  She washes her hands with soap and water.  She isn't eating anything between times.  It seems to be happening more often.  She uses a FreeStyle Lite meter.  I have tested it and it is showing the within normal ranges per the metor's manual.  Does anyone have any suggestions or know what we are doing wrong?

I think I posted this some where else on Juvenation.   Please be patient with me.  This is my first time trying to post anything:)


I recommend having two meters.  If you're uncertain about your primary meter, retest on your backup.  You can ask your endo for a second meter, or simply pick one up at the pharmacy..they're not expensive.




We had a similar issue with the FreeStyle Lite...we ended up changing to the Accucheck meter and the numbers were more consistent.  Our son went on the pump (Animas Ping) a little over a year ago and so we now use the OneTouch meter that comes with it.  Both OneTouch and Accu-Check will send you free meters if you call or go online.  Experiment with different meters and see what you like best.  Good luck!