Question about 504 form

I have a question about the 504 form (or any other form I may need to fill out)

my son goes to a licensed home daycare provider and I was wondering if the 504 form works for them as well, not just public schools- I know it works with private schools but daycare I'm not sure about.

need to know asap, the providers lawyer said she'd be liable if she gives him his shots and he goes low so now she won't unless there's a legal form basically releasing her- so until then if my sons blood sugar is high, he doesn't eat and I can't accept that.

thank you for any help!!!

I am not sure about this but I will do some research and find out what I can.  However, she is right, she does not have to give your son shots.  The school doesn't either.  I had to sign a release at the school.  I know you can find all the paperwork at the jdrf website but I will try to find you the answer.

Ok, I am not sure if I have this perfect so you may want to do some digging but public schools recieve governement funding.  They have to abide by the 504 because they receive governement money.  Private schools do not have to abide by the same rules as long as they are NOT receiving ANY governement funds.  As long as your daycare is not receiving government money they will be held to a different standard.  They can not discriminate and tell him he can't go there but they can tell you that you will have to give him the shots.  I know it is a fine line and one that is not fair to our children.  You will have to sign a waiver for the school to be released to give him shots as well.  That is why the 504 is so important at the school.

The Day Care provider may be a little off about what she is held liable for here. You need to call 's phone number and ask them for help. call 1-800-DIABETES or email your concern to

Good luck