Pumps vs. Pens on vacation

I'm going to Disney world in a couple of days and I am currently on the OmniPod. I used Novalog/Lantus pens before that. I have only been using the Pod for about 3 weeks, so I'm still figuring things out a bit. I'm not sure if I should stick with the OmniPod while I'm on my trip or briefly go back to the pens. I know that you can set a temp basal for all the heavy walking that i'll be doing around the parks.. but I have found that my BG drops a lot more with the OmniPod than it did with the pens when I exercise or walk a lot. I'm also a little more comfortable with the pens since I had been using them for 7 years, and am still somewhat getting used to the OmniPod. I'm not sure what to do.

Does anyone have any input for me?

there is no right answer Alexi.  If you think the pod is going to be more on your mind then the pens, then go back to the pens.  The most important thing in my opinion is to have a nice vacation - oh yea and have fun, and take pictures!

HI ALexi

As someone who has been to DisneyWorld multiple times I would certainly consider going back to injections.

First, there is a lot of walking - and some of the rides can affect a pump so if you had a pump on you would need to take it off or it could have problems. Then you have to consider the rides that have water involved.

The food is certainly something to consider but you can account for that - you have to have what they serve and can't bring in your own - at least they couldn't on my last trip.  If you have not been DisneyWorld you will find restaurants of all kinds so you can estimate - unfortunatly Calorie King does not include Disney World restaurants but on the positive side Disney is so tourist friendly I am sure they will be happy to accomodate in carb review.

Don't know how long you plan to stay at Disney or if  you plan to stay on the grounds but if you stay on the grounds there is transportation to the parks that easy to get to but if you are commuting to the park the parking lot is big and that is a walk also.

Hope you enjoy your trip.

Well the OmniPod is water proof so thats not really an issue, but rides can mess with the pump?? That's interesting. I didn't know that. Thanks for the advice.. both of you!

One BIG advantage to the pump is when going places where there are "unknowns" the pump can be adjusted at a moments notice. You can increase or decrease insulin and have the change affect BG within an hour. With Lantus and the Novolog, you may get into a situation where you have to eat, get carbs or make corrections in inconvenient places and or have to change what you wanted to do to chase the latus. 

Everything noted by Keith in the challenges at DW, say go with a pump, not MDIs. The flexibility big difference. 

After 26 on MDI and 14 on the pump, my vote would be for the pump. 

Have a blast!

I would say use both! I'd probably wear the pump and bring a pen along just in case I needed it. Even if you drop low, I'm sure there's plenty of sugary things you could buy in the park ;) (or just carry glucose tablets). You can ride the rides with your pump on, just make sure it's not in an area on your body where it could get damaged. The park will be very accommodating if you let them know you're diabetic when you first get there. Have a fun time!

Honestly, You have to feel comfortable. If you think that you would be better off on shots because that is what you are used to I would go with that. But, you will eventually go on vacation with the omnipod on and you won't know how you do with it until you try. The first time I went away with my pump on about 8 years ago I was like you. I was really scared. I talked to my diabetes team and they told me everything I should do and they made me feel really comfortable with my decision to wear it on vacation. I did bring my pens as well so that if I needed it, I would have it with me. 

Always have back up!!

Also, I have never heard of not being able to go on rides with a pump before. That doesn't sound right. I would talk to your doctor about your concerns so he can give you a more definitive answer to those type of questions. Just put the pod in a spot where it won't get in the way of anything. 

Anyway, Hope this helped. Have fun on your vacation!



I completely agree with those who say that being on the pump gives you greater flexibility.  You can change your basals if you're walking around a lot and/or decrease your carb ratios (which I ALWAYS end up having to do while I'm on vacation because I'm just so on-the-move).  Definitely have your meter with you and be prepared to test a lot to make sure you're on track (but this would be true if you were on the pens too) and have glucose tabs or juice with you.  And yes, it will be super easy to find a sugary snack in the park if you need it!  I think it's a great idea to talk to your doc/CDE about any of your concerns.  Whenever I've gone on vacation, my doc has suggested temporary basals to try out to account for the extra activity. 

I have never heard of rides interfering with pumps and I've been to a lot of amusement parks, so maybe someone knows something I don't?  Definitely have your pens with you (but you can leave them at the hotel) as back-up, just in case.  I was in Hawaii a couple of weeks ago and my pump had some issues with a button sticking and I had to be on shots for a day before the company could overnight a new one to me.  Of course, it was the one time that I didn't have Lantus with me, but I was lucky and my doc was able to call in an Rx for me.  Would have been a lot easier if I was just carrying back-up! 

Above all, have a fun vacation!

Thanks so much everyone! I think I will stick with the pump.. but I will definitely bring back up pens. Gina had a great point.. I will eventually go on vacation with the OmniPod so I might as well do it now! I have been doing very well with it, so I doubt I will have many problems. I'm just very afraid of lows, so I tend to worry. You have all made me feel a lot better though.. thank you so much again!!