Pump and Skin irritation!

I am trying the pump, yet once again (3rd time) because I cannot control my BG on lantus and novolog anymore. I love the omnipod it controls AWESOME. THe problem is the adhesive, it irritates my skin so badly!! Just after two days, sometime even less, my skin is uncontrollably itching and when I do take it off----my skin so messed up. From red, dry patches, leathery, and even mushy at times. (sorry if this is gross!) Now, I have tried all the other pumps adhesives too, so it's not just the omnipod. Here is a list of things I have tried to to stop the irritation...any other suggestions would be very helpful! I am so frustrated and at a loss. THANKS!

-tegaderm; duoderm; benadryl spray/gel; IV3000;1000; benzoine prep; barrier wipes; sarna lotion



I use the Animas 2020.  It's the first one I've ever tried but so far, I love it!