Pros/cons: Medtronic pump and cgm vs. onetouch ping

Just wondering what people have to say as we'll be soon eligible for an upgrade and would like some info other than what the center promotes just to keep our options open.

I should have gotten this to you sooner, but I have been hapily MIA for a few weeks. Now I am playing catch up. I did a small comparison of the Paradigm and the Ping about two months ago now. I looked at the two pumps and also the CGM from minimed and the CGM from Dexcom. I should probably update my feelings on things, but nothing really has changed to much. I liked both Pumps out there. Here is my comparison though. Any other questions shoot me a message.

here's a lnk that compares all the pump companies. I hope This helps a lot:


Animas probably isn't coming out with cgm until december 2010, so if you want a cgm integrated with the pump, medtronic is the way to go. Animas has my vote, though, for customer service, Apple support, infusion set flexibility, smaller basal and bolus incremements, and the color green. 

Good luck deciding.

My Dexcom rep. told me they were hoping for a December 2009/ January 2010 release of the combo model. Not December 2010.  Weird.

I have had minimed from the beginning so i like them.... and just recently i was able to upgrade to the CGM and its the best thing i ever did in my point of view

I have the ping, honestly it all depends on what you are looking for in a pump. My reasons for getting the ping were 1 because my dad has had an animas pump since they started making pumps and has never had a problem 2 because I really loved the remote idea.

Do a lot of research!

what type of pump did you switch to?  My son's doctor is wanting him to use a One Touch Ping.  Do you know much about it?

Thanks for helping!


Mom of Lane

There are so many different pumps.  I just went back on the paradigm pump in Nov 2009.  My Dr wants me to go on the CGM but after reading everyone's problems I don't know if the CGM is worth the extra money.  I am on a waiting list to try it with my Dr now so I have some time to do some research.  Is the CGM really worth it?  How often do you have to move the CGM?  I am assuming every 3 days like the pump.  Does it really give accurate readings?  I guess every pump company has their own version of the CGM that only works with their pump?  Any information would be great.



I have the CGMS for my pump and no you dont have to move it every 3 days although they tell you will need to. Mine works fine for 1 week in the same spot then I move it as I have to recharge the transmitter anyhow. There are those that just recarge it and plug it back in and use the same sensor again and again. 36 days on 1 sensor is the longest I have ever heard about though.