What are your thoughts on them ? Do you take them in pill or tablet form--or do you try to get them in foods such as yogurt ?  thanks...

Our whole family takes them. We are regular yogurt eaters (organic, because it has like 6 kinds of the good bacteria, while most commercial yogurts only have 1 or 2). My husband also likes Kefir, but no one else likes how it tastes.

I only use capsules when we have diahrea or are taking antibiotics. The capsules have a lot more of the probiotics than you can get from just foods, so especially during or right after an antibiotics course, I think it helps to 're-load' on the good bacteria and the capsules help with that. I usually break open the capsules and put them into the kids applesauce or just dump it in their milk. But I have had really good results with shortening the course of diahrea with both kids by giving them just 1-2 doses of probiotics.


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