When I loged into my facebook today I found out that 2 young girls died from this cruel disease. Emily 14 years old and and 18 year old girl that had just moved into her own apent. And than there is Lydia who is fighting for her live in ICU as she is in DKA. And Nikki who was in DKA last week. This disease is cruel and we need to find a cure for diabetes. My thoughs and prayer go out to those family's.

very kind of you Jaimie to pray for others.I hope things got better for Lydia and Nikki back in Aug...I am seeing some of the same things you are of fb.and it is upsetting....what I do as a parent of a daughter with type 1 is to try to focus on those that have had type1 for many yrs..and lived very full wonderful lives ..and the cure,we are going to get it..I believe that so much ..take care :).