Post-seizure symptoms?

Hi everyone! I’m 27 and have had T1D for nearly 17 years. On Saturday night, I had a seizure for the first time since…8th grade I think? I had not been drinking nor do I remember giving myself too much insulin for the food I was eating, but it’s possible that it dropped due to increased activity (I was dancing earlier in the night). My fiance and I had gone to bed, and I felt perfectly fine, normal BG. I woke up on the floor in my living room, had no idea how I got there and had some additional short-term memory loss. My BG matched my age (27), which was terrifying…and then, of course, I rebounded to nearly 400. sigh

In any case, here we are on Monday, and I feel even more sore and tired than I did yesterday. Normal? Not normal? I’m assuming the achey muscles are from the trauma my body went through, but I sure would like to feel normal again! I’m on Weight Watchers, and I’ve gained
a few pounds due to illness and celebrations, so was hoping to get back on it this week with exercise especially. But as far as food goes, I don’t even feel that hungry.

Anyone else experience anything similar? How long does recovery typically take?

I haven’t had a seizure in about 15 years, but I had plenty enough prior to the last one to remember how it felt. I always had my seizures in the early morning hours (think 4-7am). After using glucagon, I typically felt nauseous and just kind of worn out the rest of the day, and sometimes a little bit of the following day just because of the roller coaster blood sugars that typically follow the rebound. That’s just my 2 cents though–I had my last seizure at age 18. I’m sure I’d respond differently now at 33 (kind of like how it’s getting harder to recover from anything the older I get).

@knotar17, I never had a seizure, but I have sort of realized I was sleeping sitting up at my kitchen table with a half empty glass of juice in front of me with no idea how the heck I got there or how I could have been sleeping sitting up in a chair.

a ^#^# low can mess me up for a day, day and a half on the outside.

glad you are ok.