Post Coital Results

Went in today for our postcoital test and my Dr showed us the microscope image on a screen and out of all of the sperm in the shot, only two were moving.  The rest were dead (obviously), so we go back tomorrow to repeat the test, just curious if anyone else has had this test done and if so, what the results were.

My husband still hasn't gone in for his semen analysis- I pray to God he was embarrassed enough today when the Dr asked him about it to actually get him moving on that!  At least we can know if my mucus is killing his sperm or they're not strong enough on their own and he needs meds or something.

Any info, experience is appreciated!




Tell you hubby that the semen analysis is really easy. You can do it at home and you just have to make sure and have it in to the lab within 20-30 mins. My hubby has had to do it 3 times now. It costs around $36 if your insurance doesn't cover it.

I haven't heard of your situation but that does suck. Could IUI help seeing that it skips the whole "swimming up" process?