Ping out in Canada!

The Animas Ping came out in Canada yesterday!!!  I am so excited!


I'm excited, too!

Have you used a pump before? I haven't.

woooooo thats the pump i wanna do a trial for IF i do a triall. only one that fits my standards for what i MUST have in order to try a pump.


Same with me. I like the idea that you can bolus (god, I hate that word) without having to get the pump out, which is super handy if it's buried under your clothes. This is Canada, after all, layering is a must.

That is absolutely great news!!!  When I got my Animas 2020 towards the end of last year, I had researched the Ping a little bit and I was set on getting that one....   until I realized it wasn't yet available in Canada!  My Animas rep told me that they would be bringing the Ping to Canada this year, but I was saying to myself "Oh, yeah, sure (eh!), that's what they're saying!"  Now it's happened - Fabulous!!!

[quote user="HFXNS"]

Have you used a pump before? I haven't.



I haven't used a pump but I am on a one week saline trial with an Animas 2020 right now.  I really want one and am just waiting for my insurance company to get back to me about coverage.  I am glad they came out with the Ping before I got a 2020 though, I would have been sad if I bought a 2020 and they got the Ping right after that!

that is going to be my next pump unless there is a new and cooler one that comes out. why couldnt i have waited to get a pump! its going to be a long 5 years(not as long though as it would b with shots though)