Personalized Diabetic Bracelets

If you are looking for personalized bracelets for your little ones try Ebay! I was able to find a guy who ingraves the silicone bracelets with whatever you want on them. I got 10 bracelets for $20. Now that's a deal you can't beat. With the silicone you don't have to worry about them getting wet, the kids love the colors and of coursse they are Cool!! I was able to get my daughters name and "Type 1 Diabetic" printed on the bracelets. They came out so nice and they where well worth the price.

OK, i was just so excited after we received them and how nice they actually came out...If anyone is thinking about bracelets definitely try Ebay....


Can you post the sellers name or the link for them?  Thanks!

I'm sure the bracelets are cool, but I have a question about something that confuses me. 

I have been a T1D since my youth and I would never step out of the house w/o wearing a MedicAlert tag to provide medical professionals and lay people with medical info and a resource that can be contacted toll-free to provide specific medical information about my diabetes, my contacts and my medical provider 24/7. 

Although I have never had it used, I can't understand why any D or parent of a D would take the chance that if the D is in trouble, the information to provide accurate and complete medical and personal info is not immediately available to anyone who can provide assistance. Why not?

I don't wear one.  Mostly because I have a pump, pumpsite, and sensor hanging on my body.  If I have to have one more f'in thing attached to me at all times, I'll scream. ;)  Plus, if I'm ever in an emergency situation where no one is with me who knows my conditions, which isn't all that likely to happen, the EMT's should be able to look at my pump and figure it out.  This is just me personally tho...I'm not recommending that anyone else go without one, especially kids!


I agree with you Molly.  I posted something along those lines in another blog a month or so ago, and everyone was lashing out that basically its stupid on my part and that you can't assume the EMT will know what your pump is..True, not all EMT's will know what the pump is for, but as a EMT myself, we are trained to know the signs of diabetic shock (low blood sugar and high). When in doubt (even if we don't know the person is diabetic) check their blood sugar.  Not everyone agrees with what you and I both feel, but again, its our personal view point and I wouldn't suggest it for anyone else..because at the end of the day, this is their disease and their responsibility--make the decision you feel is best for yourself. :)

HOWEVER, when I first got my pump I always wore it in the case it came with. I typed on some paper that I was a T1 D, my endos phone number, and parents contact info just in case. I didnt wear a braclet or anything, but had all the information handy whenever my pump was opened up..Just an idea for those out their that want to be safe!

I wish we could afford the medicalert for cassie but at this point in our lives its one thing we cant do.  Maybe once the hubby finds work again but in the mean time she is always with me so I guess I dont have to many things to worry about on the alert side.

Does your daughter see an endocrinologist? I would almost be willing to bed that if you mention the fact that Cassie needs a medical alert braclet and you can't afford one at this point, they have some they can donate to you...or the diabetes educator is always the one who gives me free stuff! Worth a try!

Does your daughter see an endocrinologist? I would almost be willing to bed that if you mention the fact that Cassie needs a medical alert braclet and you can't afford one at this point, they have some they can donate to you...or the diabetes educator is always the one who gives me free stuff! Worth a try!

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Can you post the sellers name or the link for them?  Thanks!


The thing i liked the most was you can pick your own colors and you can have whatever you want put on the bracelets. Shyla loves them so much she has been wearing them 2 or 3 at a time LOL..(that should really keep her covered) The bracelets also come with the Medical Alert logo. Here is all the info for the seller on ebay. I think this listing is good for about another 28 days.

The seller is : medical-allert-bands

The item number is: 310182259953

The item name is: 10 Child size Silicone Diabetic Medical Alert Bracelets

The total cost is : $29.99 (FREE SHIPPING)


Oh Chelsa I didnt mean she doesnt have a bracelet she does one of the silicone ones like she is talking about but I got mine from  I would love to have one of the fancy ones where you can get all the info just by calling a compnay or what not that is on the bracelet, plus something like that would give me peace of mind once she gets older and is venturing out on her own more.

MedicAlert has a special deal for kids...her is a response I received from them when I asked about discount programs:

"We do have a special Kid Smart program which offers the initial set up fee at a discounted rate of $29.95; a savings of $10, and includes a free piece of jewelry from a selected group of products. The renewal fee, which will become due the following year of enrollment is only $15; a renewal savings of $15."

That's a pretty good deal for what safety protection you get from MedicAlert.


i wore one for the first 16 years of diagnosis. i took 4 trips in an ambulance (non-d related) in 10 months and not a single time did they bother looking at my medic alert bracelet, or try to gather any info from friends/family present. if someone hadn't told them i was diabetic, they would have never known.

i haven't worn a medic id since then. what's the point in wasting the money if no one looks for it anyway?

I don't know your story C, but as a first responder in California, we were trained to look first, and the last time I was attended to as a victim, even though I was conscious, they reached for and read my MedicAlert emblem and info while interviewing me. Note, this was with a real MedicAlert brand, not qua-say medic alert bracelet. I have on more than one occasion, read information on someones MedicAlert tag to discern what the issue may be when I have encountered people unable to communicate and/or unconscious. 

It is a gamble worth bettering the odds on, by wearing the appropriate medical information that would be accessible when you cannot speak for yourself. 

I am sorry to hear the you did not receive competent medical help when you needed it, but that is no reason to tell anyone that it is not worth it to wear potentially life saving information on your person. 

i would never tell anyone not to wear one. i was simply explaining my choice and why i made it.

i was in a very small town, the ambulance people were all volunteers, and rather incompetent. unfortunately, those are the only experiences i've had.

I understand with the experience you had. 

I bought my 2 year old son's from b/c my son wouldn't like to wear it if it didn't have a dog on it. 

I got one with his with name, T1 diabetes, insulin depen on the front. Then mine and my husband's names and phone numbers on the back of  this tiny little bracelet for $35.   It took about 3 weeks to get it in.

It's a little more expensive, but at least he wears it and likes it. 


~Blake's Mom

I Was never givien a special braclet or something even though all of my nurses and doctors told me that i would get a metal braclet with a certain sign or something engraved and outlined in red. My parents are thinking about asking for one for me on thursday when we go back to the hospital for our first support group! I have the injections so I personally think it would be great to get some braclets! Then I could wear them all up my arm or something and get noticed! Maybe i could even give my friends some so that they don't forget to remind me to check my blood or take my shot if I ever forget (which I doubt will ever happen! I'm so fed up with this crap already and it's only been about a week!)