Peer Pressure from Family

Hello My name is Sarah, I am nearly 11 and is going into grade Six. After Ive got out of the hospital the only person i want around is my mom, you see my parents are divorced and i dont like the choices my dad makes. he always wants to know my sugars and i dont want him to know. #1 my mom has full custody #2 he needs to give me my personal space. What do i do? :'(

Any one out there

Hey sarah.

I've been diabetic for the past 15 years, I was diagnosed when I was seven and lived with my mom (she is divorced as well) for the following 7 years after my diagnosis. Though, my mom was more like your dad. She could not seem to say, "have you checked/tested" enough times a day! Grrrrrrrr lol Being about testing, and being more on top of it than they expect you to be will allow for some harmony, and space to be seen given over time.

as much of an impact as diabetes has been on you, equally they now have a daughter with this as well. Everyone in the family is dealing with new adjustments. Give him time, love  him, working to communicate more about how your feeling may be positive too. :/ I'm sorry dear!! Really, it's going to make you stronger, more developed and capable in years to come though! :) Hang in there. :)


So sorry we missed your message the first time around. Have you found a way to work with both your mom and dad in managing your diabetes?

I understand exactly what you mean about not wanting to share numbers with your dad.  It's like someone asking your weight or how you did on a test at school.

But I'm a mom and so I see your parents perspective too.  They may not be doing it in the right way, but when your parents get nosy about your blood sugars they do it because they love you and want to help.  

You can try talking to them and ask them to not be upset when you're high and low.  Ultimately though, you have to know these truths in your own heart, no matter what your parents may say:

1) Your meter is not a judge, it's a tool to help you.

2) Highs and lows happen when your pancreas doesn't work.

3) Treat them and go on with your life.

4) If a high or low is ongoing, call your doctor for an insulin adjustment.

5) No one except another person with diabetes gets what it's like to live with diabetes.  If they make a mistake, forgive them and go on.

I'm really sorry that your parents are divorced.  I hope you're doing okay and get a chance to see them both a lot.  

Take care and let us know how you are.