Panic Disorder/Attacks and T1 Diabetes

I'm curious about the connections between these two conditions.  I have both of course, Diabetes came first, then the Panic Attacks.  I have episodes where I'm not sure if I'm going low or having a panic attacks (symptoms can be one and the same).  How do you cope with both of these?  Any other people going through the same thing?  How would we create our own group on here?

There is a general connection - continued vigilance and focus on having diabetes causes excessive stress.  Moderate exercise may help - just make sure you take you anxiety meds proactively so you don't get a panic attack while exercising.

What meds are they giving you?  Xanax?

I just joined this site today :slight_smile: there is a connection for sure … I have been type 1 for so long and I get bouts of anxiety where I feel low but I’m not at all… Hang In there :slight_smile:

I have had diabetes for 5 1/2 years now. Panic attacks happen to me all the time. The doctors said that Its because of my anger issues. =/
honestly I cant explain it that well, but the anxiety/ panic comes from the past building up on your body causing stress which as the stress builds, your ability to tolerate it quadratically decreases.
The best way that I have found is to find " your peaceful place." for me this is football, drawing, “‘painting music’ as said in boy meets boy,” reading and writing.
Hope this helps! XD

I agree with FredTheMedicalNerd. Sometimes I feel people are to quick to assume every little issue is connected to our diabetes. I have had diabetes since I was 5 and I started having severe panic attacks when I was 12. I went to therapy and learned to calm my mind and and be peaceful! Sometimes we just need to work through our emotions and try to be calm! Yoga!