Pancreas surgically removed

My pancreas was surgically removed. I wear dexcom and T-slim. Have terrible glucose swings highs and lows. Anyone with same problems help!

Hi Anita @Anitabeth, I can understand your terrible swings in glucose - but no, I do not [yet] have a solution. Your pancreas was much more than an insulin machine; it did more than produce insulin to draw sugars from your blood stream into body cells that need the glucose for fuel. I’m sure you already know this.

One [of several] of the other principal actions of the pancreas is producing glucagon. Glucagon’s role in the body is the opposite of insulin. When your blood glucose level gets too low, the pancreas releases glucagon. Glucagon triggers the release of glycogen (stored glucose) in your liver. This brings glucose levels back to normal and maintains your blood sugar from dropping too low overnight when you are fasting.

The above is one of the reasons I shudder when I hear people refer to their closed loop insulin delivery systems as “Artificial Pancreas”. Your possible support may come with the eventual refinement of glucagon so it could be used in a pump in concert with and opposed to insulin.

My pancreas was surgically removed 3 years ago. I have hi/low swings too! My endocrinologist says I’m doing fine. a1c of 7:6. I guess that’s ok; but would like it lower! I have Medtronic pump. I get frustrated at times; but I’m doing fine. Why did u have your pancreas removed?

I had my pancreas removed because it was calcifing, eating itself and starting to break down my other organs. I had chronic pancreas and half of my pancreas was removed 10 yrs. before I finally had to have it removed because of the pain. I was on morphine and oxycodone the highest legal amount and was still in pain. My life consisted of work and laying on the couch with a heating pad. And you? If you would like to text more you can email me I sure would like to. You are the only person I have ever talked to that no pancreas. Thanks