Pain with Dexcom, what to do?

My son had his Dexcom inserted yesterday and at first he said it felt fine. Within a few hours he said it was hurting him quite a bit (5 out of 10, he usually says his shots are 1-2 out of 10). We gave him Ibuprofen before bedtime. This am he said it still hurt 5/10. I looked at it and the skin doesn’t appear red or swollen. What should we do?

if it’s near a nerve or muscle it will hurt. when my sensors hurt bad enough I rip them out and find a new spot. hope he feels better

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Thanks for the info. I ended up taking it out after 24 hours as it wasn’t better. Trying a new site now, fingers crossed it will work this time!

Unfortunately the 2nd site didn’t work either. Any tips that anyone can offer on finding a suitable site where we might have better luck? He’s a pretty skinny kid, not much fat anywhere . . .

hi @callyhua, ive been offline and travelling for work sorry. back of the arms, upper butt, anywhere you can put a pump infusion set, just not near his infusion set (if he pumps)! I can’t put anything in my abdomen it immediately hurts.

My son also just started wearing the Dexcom and at first he loved it but now it constantly falls off and when he puts it back on he also complains of it hurting. We have tried moving it several times all over his abdomen but nothing seem to help. He is now just frustrated with it and does not even want to wear it…Any suggestion??

The only place we have found the Dexcom sensor to work is the right arm (yes,only that ONE spot). My child is very lean. He complains that it hurts on the first day after insertion only. I would keep trying. It gave us great insight on high and low patters without checking his finger all the time and the alarm during the night when he is low is invaluable!
We also use skintak plus the adhesive patches.

I’m so sorry it hurts him- and unfortunately I think it hurts too sometimes. Usually ok in first few days- but then pain increases. Hope it gets better!

Hi, i myself have had a few problems with the Dexcom g5. Sometimes if you bump the transmitter or sleep on it, it can bend the needle thing inside the skin causing a lot of pain. If this happens, your best to take it off and put a new one off.