Dexcom G6 Pain

My son is recently diagnosed and just got his Dexcom G6. The first couple of days, he was in a lot of pain where the sensor was inserted (in his abdomen). Has anyone else experienced that? It seems to have somewhat subsided, but does seem to inhibit his movement somewhat. Is it because of the placement?

My son was diagnosed late July with Type 1 and we received our G6 about a week or so ago. He did experience some pain for a few days with the first one which was inserted on his abdomen. We gave him Tylenol which helped. The sensor failed on the 7th day, so we had to insert a new one. He was a little fearful about putting another one in, but the second one didn’t cause any pain or discomfort and this was inserted on the other side of his abdomen. This one has been in for about 4 days and no complaints so far.


My son started his dexcom 6 in July, the pain was unbearable at first. We asked for a prescription for lydocaine and now use this half an hour before insertion to numb the site and he’s pain free.