Paid research for teens and young adults

Good afternoon, everyone!

If you have been diagnosed with Type I Diabetes, we would like to interview you at your convenience, next week, in Manhattan. This in-person interview will last for no more than about 45 minutes; we are pleased to offer to you a cash honorarium of $150, as a thank-you for taking the time to participate. (We would welcome your parent to accompany you, if you are under 18, of course!)

We are interested in interviewing the following people:

  • parents of children with Type I diabetes
  • teens and young adults with Type I diabetes
  • adults with Type II diabetes

I promise that this is not a sales presentation, of any sort–strictly opinion research. No treatments or medications will be offered. We are interested, only, in gaining your perspective on some new ideas that are being considered, as well as learn a bit about your journey with this disease.

If you would like to participate, please call me at your earliest convenience, at 212.289.0087.

If you’d prefer to respond via email, please use, and include the following information:

  • your age (or your child’s age)
  • list of diabetes medications you have tried
  • your contact information (phone or email)

We will respond as soon as possible.

Thank you, and best regards,
David Leonard
pfc Opinion Research
New York, NY