Online Courses

I like that today there is private,public,and homeschool-my daughter wants to take some online courses during this summer-before she starts college.Anyone taken any couse online ? How was it,is it harder than a class ? Thanks :)

i've taken a few online courses. i thought the content was the same (neither easier nor harder than on campus classes), however i found it very easy to get behind because the entire class is pretty much based on "whenever you feel like doing it." i prefer on campus classes to keep me on track

I've really enjoyed the online classes that I've taken.  I wouldn't really recommend taking a course designed to be really hands on or difficult as interaction and a teacher to explain the material is a big asset, but there are quite a few courses where you can really cover the material on your own.  As long as you're disciplined enough to stay with the schedule, I think they're great ideas.

It's harder for some people because it requires a lot of independent work as opposed to being in a regular classroom, which most people are accustomed to doing. If she does want to take them, it's best not to take more than one or two because they can be very challenging and time consuming.

It also depends on how the instructor handles the course.  Some instructors are very hands-on and make sure students understand the material.  Others simply expect students to take the tests, without much interaction during the semester.  Personally I would lean toward taking in class classes before attempting an online course, as the switch to college is an already difficult transition.

In my opinion, it takes a very disciplined person to take online classes haha :) As others have noted, they allow the student to be very independent, which is great, except it is very easy to fall behind (especially in summer when sun and fun usually comes before school work). I personally preferred regular classes because professors do a much better job explaining complex ideas when needed. However, it certainly wouldn't hurt to be proactive and get ahead! I would suggest taking just one or two "easy" general education classes. Good luck to your daughter!