Omnipod users: Check this out!


I'm Jessica. I'm a artist/designer and have had T1 for 20 years. For my graduate thesis, I am creating a clothing and accessory line for diabetics and their friends. Right now I'm working on a line for women who wear the Omnipod. I would like some feedback from you guys about what you think of the ideas and the designs. Would you wear them? If so, how much would you be willing to pay for them? Feel free to critique them and ask questions!

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Much appreciated!
Jessica (© Hanky Pancreas Designs)

Check out these links for the info:

Single Pod

Holy Shirt!

Caring is Sharing

Days of the Week





Hi Jessica,

I don't use an Omnipod, rather I have the Animas 2020, but I was curious to check out your designs!  I must say that I love the Caring is Sharing design!  I could really picture a teenage/young adult woman wearing the original one, followed by a whole string of her friends with the others!

I'm afraid I'm not keen on the Days of the Week ones.  They make it look too much like you're wearing the same shirt three days in a row; people might be covering their noses as they approach you on the third day!

Congratulations and good luck with your initiative!  If you ever come up with something for the "tubed" folks, let me know!

Awesome! I really appreciate your feedback, thank you! Being diabetic for 20 years, you know I've tried it all. I used to be "tubed" so I am thinking of some ideas for you guys too! ; )


Will keep you in the loop, thanks again!

What a great idea!

I always wear my pod on my lower abdomen, so it is covered by my pants rather than my shirt, but I think your shirts are cool!  The peacock feather ones are really pretty!

Cool! Thanks for your feedback...I appreciate it. ;)