Omnipod & Flying

This is an update regarding flying with Omnipod Pumps. Thank you to everyone who reached out and helped me resolve the serious issues I’d been having.

Now 6 flights later, This is what I now know works for me:-

  1. Understanding that as soon as plane doors close, cabin starts depressurization.
  2. Do blood test, and ensure blood is in range you are happy with before getting on plane and then before the Step 3.
  3. At this time, I use “Temp Basal” setting to completely stop all insulin delivery for duration of flight. I take mine to zero. (Suspend feature allows for max of 2hrs only, so can potentially be used if flight is less than 2 hrs)
  4. Do blood tests every hour. If blood sugar is high, I manually inject using a disposable syringe and my short acting insulin. (Prescribed by my endo Doctor). If low, take necessary provisions to bring blood up to desirable levels.
  5. Once plane has landed, and cabin doors opened, cancel remaining “Temp Basal”

I have now tried this approach many times, and found it successful for me.

All Omnipod users, should speak to their doctors before adjusting any routine.

I am now confident to fly solo again after many serious lows during flights.

As a side note, I now also take in my travel pack:-
3 x small orange juice cartons
2 x Glucogon
2 x Packs of Blood test strips
1 x Insulin bottle/vial
1 x pack of disposable syringes
Disposable medical wipes
Pod for trip plus 2 additional back ups
Letter from Doctor confirming T1D
A check list of what’s inside.

All MUST be left original packaging for security & validation of what each item is.

It is put in a large clear ziplock bag. On outside I write my name, T1D, emergency contact, and my contact number in black sharpie.

This is my “To Go” bag. Everyone should create their own personal “To Go” bag/check list.

I have had no resistance or problems at security at any airport so far in the US or Globally.

Again, thank you to everyone who has helped me get this far so I can travel safely, especially Dennis & Joe.

Ha, you need one of these on your pump!


Haha, unfortunately Edward, the Omnipod’s last for 3 Days, 8hrs then discarded and replaced with a new pod. It’s not a removable pump/tube system, once attached it’s there til is out of time.