Omnipod Doesn't Stay On

I am an active 14 year old boy who sweats a lot every day. I just got Omnipod on Thursday, and I have had trouble with keeping the pod on my body. There has been times where I could see the needle in the space between my skin and the ‘sticky’ backing. I have also tried using Skin Tac in hopes that the pod would stay on, but nope. Any ideas or solutions that y’all have?

I use a product called Simpatch - I don’t use Omnipod but I use it for my Dexcom and it holds very well. I get them in Amazon and they have them with and without a strap for the pods.
There are other adhesive patches as well that you can check out.

Hmm. We’ve had luck with skin prep plus skin tac plus one of the overpatches Dexcom will send you for free if you ask. Held for all 10 days in FL summer when she went to swim camp every day.

You can also try mastisol, which is a different, stronger (for us, anyway) adhesive than skin tac, either with or without an overpatch.

Good luck!

You probably know but make sure you are placing a pod on very dry, hairless spots, preferably ones that have little movement and aren’t rubbed by clothing.
At times I used to overtape with opsite or bandage tape but that isn’t really recommended. However I never had a lot of trouble with them falling off, just knocking them off getting too close to other things.

I would recommend getting a thing called an Active band they have them for Omnipods and Dexcoms. They also have two different ones for both the stomach and arms. I am a 16 year old who is in a lot of musicals and this is very helpful to keep them on. I would also recommend getting overlays to put on over your pump after you put it on.
Hope this helps!!

I place my pod on my stomach, it is comfortable and i can play sports without a problem