Oldest Self-Managing Type 1

In October, my mom will celebrate her 100th birthday. She has had Type 1 (or LADA) diabetes since she turned 72. Pills had no effect on her treatment and she has been on insulin since the first week of her diagnosis. She takes three shots a day by herself (using a talking meter and a magnifying glass to hear her counts and see the insulin pen markings), and lives in a retirement community in her own apartment. Mom was familiar with Type 1 since I have had it since 1969 (when I was 17), and our family was among the first 250 members of the then JDF. So, my question is, does anyone know of any Type 1 older than 100 still living on their own and managing the condition? We are having a big extended family celebration for this occasion next month, and I was curious about how rare a self-medicating 100 year old Type 1 diabetic is?

Wow! That’s amazing and encouraging. Congratulations to her! All the best!

Congratulations to your Mum, what a wonderful age and how amazing that she is still able to look after her insulin requirements. I have a friend who has had Type 1 for 80 years, she is aged 87 years young and is still going strong. She lives in a retirement village too, these women are amazing. I have had type 1 for 61 years, so consider myself a beginner, next to my friend.

Hi @BJS,

Congratulations to your mother, and to you too, for living to be that glorious age!

I don’t know any persons with T1 that have reached the century mark but I know of a few members of the Medalist Group [50+ years managing T1] who have been awarded their 80 year medals - those people were diagnosed at a younger age. Perhapy you could contact Dr. King at the Joslin Diabetes Center [joslin.org]; he is the director of the studies on long-term diabetes.

Like you, I was diagnosed when a teen [on my 16th birthday] and my short-term goal is to celebrate 75 years with T1 on my 91st birthday - with your mother’s inspiration, I may now change that goal to my 100th!