Numbers all over the place!

Cadence was dx in late April of this year. She is DEF. in honeymoon, but for the last week, her numbers have gotten crazy. We have been pretty steady in her target range but now she is going REALLY high - like 350+ , then hours later she will be in the 40-50. There are more & more highs than lows & we get targe #s about 50% of the time. Could her honeymoon be ending?  She has an appt. this coming Monday to pick out her pump, so I plan to bring it up then. I have been in contact with Vanderbilt, but right now they just want to watch her. Her corrections are:  0.5u Novolog if BG >200 & 1u Novolog if BG >300.  Her insulin:carb ratio is 0.5u:20 for all meals. I just feel that we were getting the hang of all this & everything was going smoothly & now BANG everything changes. Is this normal??

What is normal? For a family going through their daily bout with diabetes, normal is a moving target. Everything changes. Constantly.

From what you describe, it may very well be an end to her honeymoon phase, but you should also know that there are a multitude of different things that may affect her insulin sensitivity. For instance, we've noticed that catching a cold, going through a growth spurt or daylights savings time (!) can change the way she reacts to insulin. In fact I blogged a year ago about how hot tubs or the summer heat could affect her diabetes as well. The pump will  be a handy tool to help make a lot of these ever changing but necessary adjustments manageable.

Keeping a close eye on things, like you're doing is the best medicine. Good luck Krysten.

~ Red Maxwell

Thanks Red. I am heading over to check out your blog :)  . Dinner number was good 147, but bed time was 414!! She does have a slight cold, but nothing major. Ugh I feel so bad for her! She is such a trooper though - never complaining about all the pokes. Thank you for your reassurance. I truly appreciate it!