Curious and Concerned

Hi! I have a few questions. I was at my daughter’s pediatrician this past Monday, November 6th, and I brought up how my 6 year old wets the bed very heavily. Doesn’t matter if she stops drinking at 5/6:00 pm or drinks something right before bed. They decided to check her urine for an infection. As I was checking out for the appointment, the NP came to me with blood work and explained to me that she had sugar in her urine and I needed to take her for a blood test. There were 4 tests, all fasting. I know one of them was hba1c and one was cholesterol, I can’t remember what the other two were. Anyways, we got the test done and Wednesday the nurse called and told meshe needs to be retested in a year but her a1c was normal, but also she has elevated cholesterol so we need to go on a low fat/low carb diet. My concern is that I’ve noticed that after she eats and she doesn’t feel well. She’ll complain of her head bothering her as well as her legs and sometimes her arms or all over hurts. She becomes very weak, and looks exhausted. When doing any walking, biking, etc. She complains about being tired very easily. Also, her urine has a very strong, sweet smell. She’s always had problems with being able to hold it. As far as drinking goes, she’s always been a heavy drinker. Is it possible that she could still have t1 and just be in the very beginning stages of It? Type 1 and type 2 both run in her father’s side of the family. I just don’t want to put this off as nothing and something happen. I’m going to ask for a copy of her bloodwork on Monday and I’m also going to take her to my father in laws to have her finger pricked. She has been labeled ADHD and ASD, but I’m wondering if it’s not those at all and it’s something else going on. Sorry this is so long, but I just have so many questions and I don’t want to call and sound like the crazy mom who thinks everything is wrong with her child.

hi @Jrbprb2911, Jessika,

while blood sugar can fluctuate widely in non-diabetics, the presence of sugar in urine means her blood sugar was high enough to affect her kidneys. A “random blood sugar” from a finger stick blood sugar meter proves nothing.

I urge you to take her to an endocrinologist. As far as the aches and tiredness: I haven’t a guess but it seems alarming in my opinion.

20-30% of 6 year olds wet the bed. may not be related to anything.

good luck please let us know how she’s doing.

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I can think of a couple of things that could cause her symptoms. For one, it sounds like the new diet might be making her blood sugar (BG) drop, as tiredness is a sign of low BG. Another thing that comes to mind is Celiac disease. It causes pain, especially in the stomach/abdomen and tiredness. Did the doctor test for that I wonder? As for the sweet smelling urine, I know my urine sugars (that’s how we used to test 40-50 years ago) were sometimes high when my BG was low. So, that’s not always a reliable test. Hence, the switch to blood glucose meters. Still, I can understand your concern. Your daughter also could have type 2 diabetes. While rare at her age, it is possible. This would explain all of her symptoms except the pain she is experiencing. I would have her doctor do some more testing, or as recommended here, have her checked by a pediatric endocrine.

Just some thoughts from a mom who’s had T1D for over 50 years! :slight_smile: