Nondiabetic sugars range

Does anyone have the blood sugar ranges for nondiabetic (age seven )fasting and after meal ? Looking everywhere , such a headache

I think it’s generally accepted that a fasting of less than about 100 mg/dl is normal, 2 hours postprandial of less than about 140 mg/dl.

the big danger is: since blood sugar can vary widely and wildly, even for non-diabetics, that a single random reading is of little value. there are so many issues that affect blood sugar please don’t panic if you see something odd, the best place to take it is to the pediatrician.

hope this helps

oh and I am sorry you asked for a range, the bottom edge for non-diabetic is above about 65 mg/dl is normal.

also please do not forget your meter is typically +/- 20% accurate, example if your meter reads 137 mg/dl it means actual serum blood sugar of anything between 109 and 164.

65-80 is average for fasting, HOWEVER even nondiabetics can run a little high or low and be normal for them.

I have been checking my daughters levels the past few days. She had a reading of 206 today which I believe is in the diabetes/pre-diabetes range? Taking her in to the pediatrician tomorrow if they can get us in