No idea why i've become so lazy!

Guys guys guys,

I just recently switched back to injection after 11 months on pump because I felt like I was much healthier and proactive on injection. (ate only the amount i bolused = no overeating, healthier weight, organisation was amazing) but now that I am back on it, I’ve just been terrible with my diabetes management and i don’t know why! Just yesterday on my 16th, i went the whole day without any injections, and at the end of the day just gave myself a good 20 units of insulin to makeup for all the carbs i ate throughout the day! I do this whole bolus-for-the-whole-day’s-worth-of-carbs routine nearly everyday and i feel terrible about it but I don’t make a change! go figure. I’ve also been super terrible at checking my sugars regularly and often go up to 4 days without checking it! aghhhhhh! i don’t understand how i know what my problem is and i know how to fix it, but im just not making any changes! helpppp! how do i get motivated again???

Hello cireen_k, I had trouble back when I was around 14 with being motivated as well. I’m now 16 and I’m very motivated to keep my levels in check and do my insulin (I’m on the pump but was forgetting to bolus all my meals and ended up very high). I started getting sore hands after a while and saw my specialist diabetes doctor. He said if I don’t get my levels and my A1C down I could get arthritis in my hands and fingers (That’s why they were sore). And as we all know arthritis is something diabetics can get easier because of glucose build up or something. Can’t remember exactly what my doctor said. But it scared me and really got me motivated to keep healthy as I don’t want anymore health problems. I got my A1C down from 10.9 into the 8s after that (I’m from Australia by the way so if your in America your levels might be different not sure though). Sometimes having a scare can get you motivated so I thought I would tell you mine so you don’t have to go through anything painful. I now don’t get sore in the hands at all and I’m really healthy except for having diabetes or course! I really hope this helps you to get motivated!
All the best JacJac

I honestly don’t know what I’d do without my pump. To have to give myself a shot for every little bite of something would now drive me crazy now that I’ve been pumping for 13 years. For me, the pump made me much more conscientious, knowing how important it is to test at least 4x/day minimum but ideally 6-8x to catch any issues before they get out of control. And to just press a couple of buttons to cover whatever I eat is pure freedom to me.

Try this: Envision what is happening in your body when your BG is high. Your blood takes on a syrupy quality - can you feel it? Can you imagine what is happening in your capillaries with that goo pushing through them? That was the visual I needed to start managing my BG’s better. Our bodies are broken so you can’t be perfect, but things can be better, and you will feel better as a result. Keep in touch to let us know how you’re doing!

Hi JacJac, I also live in Australia and my last A1C was 7.5 so as you can see, I am/was on a good path and I think both you and angivan totally have a point with envisaging the consequences of high sugar levels. Already after a day of reading your replies, I’ve bolused and checked my sugars for every meal so kudos! Thank you thank you thank you! Hopefully it’ll stay this way for life agh!