Well im needing some motivation to do my sugars and insulin... Right now im doing Good for me. Im doing about 2-3 BGs a day, And 2-3 insulins and i ALWAYS do lantus. But i just cant get myself to do anymore! I know all the Effects it can have on my body but it doesnt phase me. Im a 15 year old girl and i should be taking care of myself! I am currently on the insulin pens but wanting to get the pump but i know i cant until i earn it by doing more BGs and shots. Can anyone help me please? im open to anything!

HI Sirerra, im Jaimie I been a diabetic since I was 3 1/2...I want though the same thing u r going though right now..Im 16...Just before I turned 14 I ended in the hopsital while at my aunts...I was doing the same thing as u...but I was on the pump...I would checked once in a while and give insulin but that was not what it took...If I were u try setting a the time u need to take a shot or check...and if that dont work write notes and put them around the house...and in ur room...I hope this helps.

First off hugs to both you Sierra and Jaimie...

As a parent of a young diabetic girl, if she ever started having issues, I would want her to turn to me for help and support. Have you asked your parents for feedback? Maybe go over your sugar history for the last month or so and create a plan of action together that you can feel comfortable about working through.

Or you can even talk about it with your doctor/clinic staff they may have ideas or classes that will help boost a bit of motivation!


Thanks and yes i have talked to my parents and we have tried some differntent things but i need more. And i will post sticky notes around the house thats a good idea!

Read this article and the comments too.  What you're doing is super common and it's just a part of being young and having diabetes.  At some point you'll decide that ignoring your diabetes is a waste of time.

I ignored my diabetes through most of my teens too.  It felt hopeless.  I was either high or low, which made me feel terrible and took my energy.  

Managing D is stressful and perfection is impossible.  Worrying about complications didn't motivate me.  What really helped  was to have better blood sugars so I felt better.  At some point I made peace with being diabetic.  I don't mind testing, so I do that a lot to correct my blood sugar.  But I hate tracking, so I only do that when my blood sugars are unexpectedly off.  Maybe you hate to test, so you could eat a more strict diet so you have more regular insulin doses.  Think about how to make D fit into your life in a way that suits you.  This is easier said than done, but you sound really cool and I know you can do it.