Nighttime question/concern

Hi, my name is Shawn. My youngest daughter age 9 was diagnosed with T1 diabetes in April. Since diagnosis she has been sleeping with me in my room. I am a nurse and nervous about her being all alone at night. She does not want a CGM yet and I don’t want to force her. Tonight she has decided to move back to her own bed and I am freaking out. I want her to have her independence and don’t want to make her nervous but I was much more comfortable with her right next to me. Should I be worried? I always check her glucose before she goes to bed and periodically throughout the night when needed. Am I being overly protective? Help!

My daughter was diagnosed 2 1/2 years ago and is still in her honeymoon period with lots of lows. She sleeps in her own room. The thing to remember is that they usually wake up when they go low while asleep. Just have her go to bed a little higher than you might otherwise have her be if it makes you feel better. My daughter makes sure that she’s at least 130 to 135 before going to sleep. Also never go to sleep until fast acting insulin has been in her system at least 3 hours.

Hi Shawn @shawnc357,

Emily’s Mom @yourgreatfinds has some very sound advice and a positive outlook. From my perspective, I don’t think or advise “coddling” a kid excessively just because she or he has diabetes. If I’m at 140 mg/dl or less 2 hours before my bedtime I will always snack with an appropriate bolus. Let children live, grow and develop naturally.

I’m offering these thoughts based on my experiences from many years ago; I was raised in a family with my six siblings [only one with diabetes] and received the same attention as the others - only restriction was on the awesome pies, cookies and cakes that mama baked. Of course, I was living with insulin 30 years before the advent of digital BG meters so my life was lived in a more natural state than kids who are diagnosed now as T1. Fewer worries!

I totally agree! My daughter manages her own condition and my job is moral support. She was diagnosed a few months before her 16th birthday. She started out as a girl who fainted at the sight of blood and needles to a young worman who manages her T1D with great responsibilty. He A1Cs are always under 7. I am so proud of her!

First, know that you are not alone! My daughter slept in our room for quite a while after she was diagnosed. The CGM has definitely helped, but even without it you can keep your kiddo safe even if they’re not sleeping right next to you. This is such an amazing group I can’t add a whole lot that hasn’t been said. :slight_smile: I do want to note that while it sounds comforting that they might wake up on their own if they are low, my daughter has yet to do that in the five years since she was diagnosed. She is almost 13. Going to bed at a little higher number, especially while you are adjusting to the new sleeping situation, is not going to hurt in the long run. And it’s not being overprotective. You are completely reasonable! You will do what works for your family-- for us sometimes that means a lot of nighttime checks. Occasionally it means asking my daughter if she’ll sleep in our room for the night or crawling into the double bed with her. Caring for a child with type one diabetes isn’t easy, but it does get easier! First month is the hardest, and you’ve already made it through that! You’re doing an amazing job!!

@Shawnc357, We have a CGM and still worry. If it makes you feel safer, I’d wake up and check her at midnight. That’s what we do. Has she gone low at night and woken up. if she does, you may not need to worry.

Also, a high-fat carb like milk or ice cream will help sustain blood sugar through the night. If you don’t already know (which is very likely) ask your Dr. what a good bedtime level is…also, typically bedtime is 9PM to most Dr.s so if you put her to bed sooner than that…you might check at 9 as opposed to right before bed.

Most kids don’t wake for a check, so it’s nice to do it while they’re sleeping.

Can I join in here? My son is 11 and I just got the Dexcom G5 with the app that can notify me of his numbers. I never go away for a night without him but I left him now with my friend so my husband and I can get away a bit… I feel his numbers thru the app aren’t accurate at all and it’s making my anxiety level worse knowing that I’m not there myself. ( its showIng he’s low after he was treated for one awhile ago so his numbers should be going up) While he doesn’t sleep with me, my internal clock wakes me up and when it does i always go to his room to chk him. Anyone have same issues with Dexcom ? I thought it would alleviate my fears and instead it’s exasperating them :((
Thanks In advance for ur replies :slight_smile: