Newly diagnosed 6 year old, Covid and considering homeschooling

I have custody of my 6 year old grandson who was diagnosed 3/17/2020. He was diagnosed when Schools and businesses closed down due to the pandemic. We ended the school year with providing school at home. I understand socialization and the benefit of school; however, given the current circumstances I am considering homeschooling him at least until there is a vaccine or discovery of more effective medications for Covid. Am I TOTALLY out of my mind for thinking this way? Are there any other parents out there considering doing the same? TIA.

Hi @Kdboughton welcome to TypeOneNation and our forum. I hope you take advantage of the many years of experience here.

So you want to touch base with us regarding taking the very best care of your grandchild? Sure thing. YOU ARE NOT OUT OF YOUR MIND! :slightly_smiling_face:

Anyway the first year can be a big challenge and I hope you have access to a CDE and a good endocrinologist.

Thank-you for the welcome! I’m hoping to learn as much as I can and will definitely rely on the wealth of info here.

Children’s Medical at Dallas has been great and provided training and continued support, as had Dr. Yang.

I’m just stumped on this homeschooling thing. I’m a retired educator, so it’s not the teaching aspect that concerns me. It’s more is it then right thing’ for him given the current state of our country. I never thought I’d be questioning such things!

Again, thank-you for the warm welcome. Have a terrific weekend!


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Hi @Kdboughton. I am not a parent but I say unequivocally no, you are not out of your mind. Covid had thrown a wrench into life as we know it, and we’re having to rethink and in some cars relearn how we do things. There is a learning curve with diabetes (as you as an educator know), with adjustments to insulin based on numerous factors. As you learn to manage you want to eliminate things that are out of your control, such as the possibility of illness.
Time will tell what happens with schools and if any special arrangements will be made for students as well as teachers with conditions that could put them at risk - and I’m sure other parents are considering this as well. We may all need to learn new ways of socialization for a while - time will tell. And while you have discussion concerns due to your grandson’s diabetes, other parents are no doubt wondering the and things you are. You’re not alone.

Please if y’all happen to run across another parent that is in the same learning curve as I am, please let them know about us! We can learn together and support one another!

Thank-you for your kind acknowledgement of my concerns. All of us have been hit with a “new way of living”. This diagnosis was a double waamy for us and I know for others with just living!

Hi I wanted to let you know that I’ve been homeschooling my son for two years now and I’m grateful that I did . He is 12 years old and I took him out of public school for his safety because when he enter middle school things changed and he was coming home every afternoon with blood sugars over 400 because no one gave him insulin before lunch time so I complained and then one afternoon he got off the bus and I could tell something was wrong immediately looking at him because he was disoriented and I check blood sugar and it was 36 the lowest # I’ve ever seen with him. He was so disoriented that I had to rub this sugary candy syrupy on his gums & the inside of his mouth . I took him out of school and homeschool him after that . Prior to that I had so many complaints and tried my best to educate the school and the school nurse was great except she was there 1 day a week because she was the school nurse for 4 other school beside his school so she went to a different school each day of the week . Elementary school was great he went to a very small elementary school and he didn’t switch to a bunch of different classes like they do in middle school . I’m happy that I started homeschooling him and to keep him socializing with peers I connect with local homeschoolers which I was surprised at how many people home school their children and he goes to church youth group once a week and does things with them . So no your not crazy and you can do it ! So give it a try doesn’t work out you can always send him back to public school.