Newbie Here

Hello all. I am new to Juvenation. I am the father of a 4 year old boy who was dx 5/2010. He has been pumping since 11/2010 and on a Dexcom since 1/2011. I am very proud of him and am looking forward to connecting with all of you.


Hi there, and welcome! :) I use a pump and Dexcom CGM, too. You've found a great community here.


Hi. My 4 y/o son was diagnosed in July '07. He has been using a pump since April '10. The kids (and kids at heart) on this site are amazing. I have made lots of great connections here. :)  

welcome! happy to have you here!!! :)

welcome to juvenation! we're so happy to have you here with us :o)

Hate the reason you're here but glad to have you with us... Welcome!!!




Thank you to everyone for the warmest of welcomes. I look forward to meeting and getting to know you all.


Glad you found us! I was also diagnosed at age 4 (I'm 33 now).

Welcome to Juvenation !

Your son is on the same schedule as my 10 year old daughter. Diagnosed 5/2010 and started pumping 11/2010. We don't have a Dexcom yet. The only pump site that works for my daughter is her tummy. She doesn't have enough real estate for two sites.

We put the Dexcom on the tummy and pump site on his buttox. Has been working pretty good so far.  :)