New to the group

Hello everyone my name is Doug. My wife made me join and I was very hesitant to register, but here I’am. I have been diabetic for about six years now and it feels as if it has been a century. Futhermore this has been a battle I have been fighting everyday and it felt as if I were alone. From what I can see in this group on the other hand is that in fact it’s quite the oppostie of my pre convinced notion. Here I feel at ease with my illness and I can’t be grateful enough for that.

hi @Re-silient,
hey welcome, even if your wife made you =)

glad you found us and I am glad you don’t feel as alone. I had felt alone and isolated for decades. T1 for 37ish years now. anyway we are here, feel free to reach out and nice to meet you.


The best part of a support group like this is to know that we are not alone. People who do not have diabetes can try to understand how difficult it is to manage and what a low really feels like, but when we talk to each other, we really know. I am glad to have others to talk to and for the advice and encouragement. Keep talking, I am listening and also need friends who understand.