NEW meo

I was curious if anyone has tried the new meo for the pumps. It's an infusion set/ inserter in one. I did a free trial of the other style that I believe was meant for animas but they had alternate reservoirs so you could use with minimed.


I was just curious if anyone else had tried them, and liked them?

I have a sample at home and keep looking at it but haven't tried it yet. i have such good results with my Quicksets that i am afraid to try it. That and I hate needles. I'd rather use a serter so I don't have to see it. Crazy I know, but I cringe at the site of a needle.

Hey Becca,

I used the Silhouette with the silserter before. I tried and enjoyed the Mio ( I assume you had a typo in the spelling). I found that its a bit more difficult to reach all my usual spots compared to the Silhouette. The Mio really seemed to require both my hands to insert. One to hold the tubing down and one to pinch the top plastic piece to remove the inserter piece.

Other than that, I found the Mio very comfortable and pretty reliable. I have to admit that I've had 2 cases in the past several months where something was wrong with the catheter delivery and I had high blood sugars until I was able to change the set. In both cases, I think the infusion set wasn't tightly pressed on my skin before I removed the inserter piece. 

The reason I stay with the Mio is that I have less irritation than the Sihouette. I can also have the set on me longer than the Silhouette (4-5days vs 3) and the adhesive area is smaller with the Mio. I still keep some Silhouette infusion sets around for when I know I'll be in the sun a lot, like a biking trip or camping overnight. Its also a good set when I know I'll be playing with kids or running around a lot.

I hope this helps, and please feel free to ask more questions about it!


Thank you!

Amie- the mio is the infusion set and insertion device all in one. So technically you'd still be using an insertion device?

Scientist- Mio (Yes I did misspell it before, which I quickly realized, thank you for pointing it out though.) :) thanks for sharing all the info- it's all very helpful to know. I use the quick set -- have done it by hand the last 4 years- when I first started I used the quick-serter but the adhesive would stick to the sides and then only go in partially- to me the pain of it doing by hand was far less then messing with the stupid thing.  From what I've viewed it looks like the mio doesn't rally have a chance of getting stuck to the sides.

I like the idea of it because it's still a 90* angle but connects similarly to the silhouette. I have tried the silhouette and liked that it didn't stick out quite as much as the quick set- however I found I was more prone to infection/inflammation using them. So I don't anymore.



I tried the mio and i absolutely loved it!!! it worked really well and i didnt get any blood or bruise after i would change them (unlike the quickset).

Yes, I use them and have been since July 2010. I really like them, especially since they have a built-in inserter. Very easy to insert. I like them a lot. KL

My Dauhter wanted to try the mio so I called and got a sample.  She was using the silhouettes but she tried these and loves them.  She can use them on he arm by herself and it makes her more indpendent rotating sites