New Insulin Delivery Device - Need Your Feedback

Hello everyone. I am asking for your help. I would love for the community to help me out with a new and inexpensive Insulin Delivery Device I am developing to make insulin delivery easier, safer, faster and more discreet. It is essentially a new type of insulin syringe / Pen. If you could complete a 2 minute survey at New Insulin Delivery Device - Patient Feedback Survey it would be a GREAT help developing this new device. Please feel free to send the survey link to anyone else you know who uses insulin regularly. I really appreciate the help with this and I am really looking forward to getting the device onto the market as I know it can make a big difference!!

You need to give specific details about this product instead of being vague. The questions are ridiculous because you are asking what the participant likes about a product they know absolutely nothing about. The market is flooded with these things and doesn’t need another insulin pen option.

Thanks Jason. The survey does give a good (albeit brief) description of the product but we were also limited on the length of the description we were able to provide in the survey. Essentially this is very much a specialized syringe that can carry a full days worth of insulin with you for a day (or more) to enable multiple injections. Unfortunately there is nothing like it on the market. Thanks for the help and input.

Hi and thank you for your efforts. I have used a pump for decades, and have pens as a backup although they are rarely used. Your questions seen geared towards pen users, even though you do ask if the person uses a pump. As a pumper I do have insulin with me all day, but not in the form you are probably thinking of. I was going to continue the survey bagging my answers on the rate times I do use a pen, but changed my mind.

I guess you’ve never heard of the InPen or the myriad of self contained pens made by all the insulin manufacturers.

Hi Jason - no of course I know of them, but this is still very different - it is a more of a syringe with Pen like capabilities. Also, it would be the size of a syringe so significantly smaller then a Pen and much easier to carry. Also, with a Pen the insulin is more expensive. I am trying to provide the best injection / insulin delivery option at the lowest possible price. I also think this tech has benefits over a pen. For me I still use syringes for my MDI. I can inject in about 20 - 30 seconds start to finish (my insulin is always in my pocket) and with the new device I am targeting 10-15 seconds with fewer steps. Anyway, I am quite excited by the technology and I’m hopeful a big update for an inexpensive and tried and true technology can make a big difference for people.

Thanks Dorie and this is helpful. Please feel free to review the survey - many people who have taken the survey are pump users and many have said they would likely try the new device. I am trying to get a broad sample of people using different devices so even if you think of it as a change from your Pens it would be helpful and perhaps it will be something you consider using at different times in the future. As a T1 for 20 years the new technologies that have been coming out have made a dramatic difference and I know in the future we will be in much better shape technologically to more easily manage things.

I confess to bring very picky, and when I have designed surveys (for class or just personal use) I’ve made the wording very specific for the sake of clarity. I did take another look, but personally can’t answer the questions as a pump user (although others have), because the responses are not precise enough for me. I don’t inject insulin, so technically the answer to question #3 would be “0” but that is not an option. I deliver it with a bolus 4 times a day, but that was not the exact question. On the other hand I could answer based on times that I do use pens, but those are extremely rare - last time was over a year ago. Likewise I do not typically inject outside the home.
I guess I’m harkening back to my Research Methods class, but I’ve found that the more precisely worded the question, the more applicable the responses.
Let me say here, I do appreciate the work you are doing to develop a device that sounds like a hybrid between a pen (for function) and a syringe (for size), and I wish you well. I’m told I tend to over-think things, which can be bad or good depending on the situation - but in the interest of continuing research and progress I would encourage you be very exacting with your wording so you don’t muddy the waters or your work. That precision in all areas will help you down the line, from future surveys to getting approvals.
Wishing you well!

Thanks Dorie and very much appreciated. Yes, for the survey I was somewhat limited for it since it is the Free version and I am also putting together something for people with T2 who take insulin. This feedback is definitely helpful as we all do things differently but I am definitely getting great feedback that is very useful for the project. Thanks again for the help and feedback and hopefully one day the technology will get to the market.

@bunsickp Hi Philip, and welcome to the TypeOneNation Forum! Yes, here you will find people, all affected in one way or another by autoimmune diabetes, and all using insulin on a daily basis. Many different ways for insulin delivery and many different opinions for BEST delivery option.

I completed your survey, although I do not have any intention of changing my current very expensive choice for insulin delivery; control IQ AID system. I will point out, however, that your “NEW” device is not new, but rather a recycled version of what I was using in the 1970’s. The weakness of that, was the “filling” which gave way to Lilly then providing pre-filled cartridges each containing either 1.8 mil or 3.0 mil of insulin - cartridges are still available.

Hi Dennis and thanks. Any information on that old device would be interesting, particularly the “filling” issue you mentioned. I definitely agree as you say that there are many different options and I am hoping that this will fill a very nice segment of the market and particularly internationally where pump use is low due to costs. As an MDI guy I do realize that for many of us it is the nightime that for me is most challenging, which is where of course your IQ Control system shines, and hopefully we will see some new and interesting technologies that can help us when we are not able to manage things like we do when we are awake.

Thanks again for the help and input and I am plugging away to bring the new technology to the market. I wouldn’t be doing it if I didn’t think it would help.

Philip @bunsickp, the Control IQ is amazing; just about the only entry I’ve made in my pump since January 2020 is the carbohydrate count, and CIQ has brought me into the 90+% TIR for four months.

A bit of history. Since the mid 1960’s, first with a Ruby LASER beam, I’ve tested and experimented many devices “diabetes”. I’ve been member of tester panels for BD, Novo Nordisk, LifeScan, etc. and have used devices that never made it to market. I don’t remember exactly the device I used, but as I recall, it was a much more crude version of the now nicely refined Tandem cartridge system, only without using a cartridge. I began using these crude devices around 1978 while assisting in the development of MDI Management before the arrival of digital glucose monitors.

In my experience, and in my opinion, correction insulin dosing should not be necessary during the nighttime if insulin is properly managed during the day time. Rather than handicap people with diabetes by flooding us with too many devices right up front, it is better for each of us to learn the very basic balance of food, activity, and insulin. Once this basic is mastered, it would be anly on rare occasions [sickness, infections] that dosing would be required during the night. The same principal applies to avoiding extreme hypoglycemic events while sleeping.

Thanks Dennis and getting to 90%+ TIR is terrific. I have touched that once but generally I am in the 75% - 90% range - with the nigh time being the most difficult since I cannot actively manage it and my BG many times has a mind of it’s own. When I see nice flat curves I am envious.

Anyway thanks very much for your thoughts and insights and I am sure I may even reach out for some additional thoughts in the future. Stay well and stay safe!!