New hannah montana episode uptight (oliver alright)

so i kno we had a discussion on the first contriversial hannah montana episode on our disease but the first time they air it its not much better all you see is that miley reads a pamphlet whopdido really it doesnt represent the disease at all and they still call him sugar boy i really would not want anyone calling me sugar girl!!

oh jeez, personally, i thought that episode was stupid. sure, they changed a few things from the one on youtube, but it didn't really make it any better. 

can u blive tat in the newest eposode of hannha montanna tat oliver got diebetics i cant belive it but it is a good twist 2 do on the show

p.s not diebetic

wow ur smart hayley "...tat oliver got diabetics..." ur way smart


p.s. its diabetes (noun) and adj (i think its and adj) is diabetic

I think it was better then the last one but they made it all medical and educational just to gain brownie points. It made it seem like you should feel sorry for us, and I hate it when people do!!!!

i dont like hannah montana. shes annoying.

bleh i hate hannah montana. i mean, seriously ??? she thought he couldnt eat sugar EVER ?!?! crazy.  i wonder if oliver is gonna get a pump....??? but i do think its awesome that they would support diabetes i just dont think they did it very well.