New Feature Film About T1 Diabetes

Hi Folks -

My name is Tom Craig, and I have been living with T1 Diabetes for 33 years now. My partner has been T1 for 30 years, and a couple of years ago my little boy was diagnosed with the condition aged just 3.

I'm currently the Programme Leader for Film Studies at the University of Derby in the UK as well as being a scriptwriter and producer in my spare time. A little while ago a forum member posted about my short film Sugar Dropwhich was about a guy trapped in a lift whilst experiencing hypoglycaemia ( The film went on to do really well on the festival circuit, was used by healthcare providers to give their employees a better insight into hypos, and raised a good deal of awareness about the condition. We also used the film to raise money for research into Diabetes by hosting a number of charity screenings.

Since Sugar Drop, I've been working on a full length feature film based loosely on my own experiences of Diabetic Retinopathy. Titled Argon Green (you can read our press release here: the film focusses on an artist struggling with the realisation that he will soon be unable to paint.

Although the film recieved a small amount of funding, the crew and I have all given our time free of charge in the belief that this film has the power to really raise awareness of how serious Diabetic complications can be, However, we now really, really need your help to raise the profile of the project in order to get the last third of the film completed.

For this reason I would be so grateful if you could spread the word about Argon Green through any avenue you can. In particular, if you could 'Like' our Facebook page (!/argongreen) and let people know about our website ( it would mean the world to me.

Please feel free to ask anything you like about the film.

Thank you so much for taking the time to read this!


Wow - good on you! :D I'm definitely going to pass on the word!

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