New adult with type 1

Hi all,

I am 56 and was diagnosed with T1 back in February. It has been a roller coaster until I got myself into Joslin. Although I feel fine physically the high and low BG is killing me mentally. I am tired and cranky. I have been on an insulin plan where I take a before meal dose based on what my number is at that time. I have an appointment tomorrow at Joslin to switch to the I:C plan where I will take my dose based on the carbs I am about to eat…but you all probably know this stuff!

I am considering the CGM but I am a terrible sleeper and when I had one on temporarily at the beginning of my diagnosis it was so uncomfortable to sleep. The thing would poke and I was afraid it would dislodge.

Anyway…today I am down. I have been trying to ride these emotions out as best I can. This is what it is and I can’t change it just learn to deal with it.


Good Morning @janeo8760,

My name is Brandon A. Denson. Iv’e been living with T1D for 14 years. Let me start off by saying that I commend you on speaking to folks about your T1D. Just continue to take things slowly and day by day. No two days are the same in this game of T1D. I know that it can be hard, frustrating, and overwhelming at times. Just remember things could always be worse than what they are. CGM may not be a bad option especially since your’e newly diagnosed. This will allow you to constantly track your blood sugar levels throughout the course of the day and night, it also will be very beneficial for your endocrinologist to get a better beat on if they need to adjust insulin dosages. The best advice is to just try different things like pumps, CGM, shots, pens and just find what works best for you and your lifestyle. If you every want to talk feel free to connect. You aren’t in this alone. Take Care.


Hi Jane @janeo8760,

You are on the right track heading to Joslin; I hung around there for many years and you may see my name associated with “milestone” events there - especially one in 1967. Some of the very best diabetes advice and care can be had at Joslin.

I’ve found that the hardest part of managing my diabetes [60 years] is my mental attitude. I have been diagnosed at Joslin and later by other endocrinologists as “brittle” and continue to have many unexplained “highs and lows”. It wasn’t until my wife got through to me that I should just bolus for a high and eat for a low and stop beating myself up for doing something wrong that my management got to the place where I’m at now.

Although I’ve had Hb A1c consistently on the 5.9 to 6.1 rang for years I knew things were not as they should be because of my calculated high standard deviation of BG readings. Now at the suggestion of two endos that I should have a higher A1c [up to 6.5] , my standard deviation is >30 on most days and I feel great with many fewer hypos.

Yes, just the feelings of this one guy, but - Enjoy life.